WorldFish research is regarded as international public goods, and we are committed to the widespread dissemination of all our information products. One of the organizational objectives of WorldFish is to make all of its products open. This is in line with both the Center’s Research Data Management and Open Access Policy and the CGIAR Open Access and Data Management Policy. Opening our research, including publications, data and tools, ensures that more people can read and apply our research findings, thereby increasing the efficiency, reach and impact of our work.

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  • Water quality in integrated livestock-fish ponds 

    Hopkins, K.D.; Inocencio, P.; Cruz, E.M. (1983)
    Water quality variables were monitored during 3.5 years of research on pig-fish, duck-fish and chicken-fish systems. Early morning dissolved oxygen levels were often below 0.5 mg/1. Total ammonia levels were highest in ...
  • Enzyme electrophoresis in Tilapia zillii: a pattern for determining biochemical genetic markers for use in tilapia stock identification 

    Cruz, T.A.; Thorpe, J.P.; Pullin, R.S.V. (1982)
    A variety of tissues from T. zillii was examined by horizontal starch gel electrophoresis to identify isozymes of potential use as genetic markers for stock identification. Techniques were assessed for 30 enzymes coded for ...
  • Socioeconomics and small-scale fisheries 

    Balarin, J.D. (1982)
    Socioeconomic aspects of small-scale fisheries in southeast Asia are considered. Income levels in fisheries were generally found to be lower than comparable groups within the same community. Country differences occurred ...
  • Dilemma of the small-scale fishermen 

    Neal, R.A. (1982)
    Resource managers in many countries have not yet fully grasped the consequences of the fisheries dilemma now emerging in Southeast Asia. Official views often hold that abundant underutilized stocks still exist while in ...
  • Resolving multigear competition in nearshore fisheries 

    Smith, I.R.; Pauly, D. (1983)
    This article briefly describes the intensive multidisciplinary 3 year research project conducted by the University of the Philippines and ICLARM to document the conditions of the fisheries and fishing communities of San ...

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