WorldFish research is regarded as international public goods, and we are committed to the widespread dissemination of all our information products. One of the organizational objectives of WorldFish is to make all of its products open. This is in line with both the Center’s Research Data Management and Open Access Policy and the CGIAR Open Access and Data Management Policy. Opening our research, including publications, data and tools, ensures that more people can read and apply our research findings, thereby increasing the efficiency, reach and impact of our work.

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  • Beyond Social-Ecological Traps: Fostering Transformations Towards Sustainability 

    Olsson, P.; Blythe, J.; Osterblom, H.; Eriksson, H. (eds.) (2018)
    This special issue with themes "Beyond Social-Ecological Traps: Fostering Transformations Towards Sustainability" have 11 papers.
  • ICLARM five-year plan (1988-1992) 

    International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (1988)
    The ICLARM Five-Year Plan consists of two parts. Part 1 entitled Directions and Opportunities, contains detailed discussion of the Center's research, training and information programs. Part 2, which follows here, contains ...
  • The gleaners of northwest Lingayen Gulf, Philippines 

    McManus, L.T. (1989)
    An account is given of gleaning activities conducted by the women in the reef flats of Bolinao and Anda, northwest Lingayen Gulf, in the Philippines in order to supplement the dwindling fishing catches of their menfolk and ...
  • Women in African artisanal fisheries: when will they receive the attention they deserve? 

    Nauen, C.E. (1989)
    A discussion is presented on the role played by women in artisanal fisheries in Africa, considering in particular their role in post-harvest activities. Although there are great differences from one country to another, t ...
  • Fisheries development programs and women 

    King, H. (1989)
    A brief examination is made of development programmes aimed at improving the status of women in fisheries, with particular reference to the Bay of Bengal Programme. Activities of this programme have included instruction ...

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