WorldFish research is regarded as international public goods, and we are committed to the widespread dissemination of all our information products. One of the organizational objectives of WorldFish is to make all of its products open. This is in line with both the Center’s Research Data Management and Open Access Policy and the CGIAR Open Access and Data Management Policy. Opening our research, including publications, data and tools, ensures that more people can read and apply our research findings, thereby increasing the efficiency, reach and impact of our work.

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  • Reality style interactive video on the nutrition benefits of fish (Tetum language) 

    Klumpyan, K. (2023)
    Type: Video
    Reality style interactive video focused on household decision-making regarding protein consumption, namely fish, nutrition, and dietary diversity. Information, Education and Communications (IEC) material developed for the ...
  • Eat fish for good health (Han ikan di'ak ba saúde) 1-pager (Tetum language) 

    Klumpyan, K.; Bonis-Profumo, G.; Gianna Bonis-Profumo: 0000-0003-4122-0731 (2022)
    Type: Training Material
    Lafaek Community Magazine 1-pager promoting fish consumption particularly for pregnant women and young children, disseminated at national level to 50% of households in Timor-Leste starting in February 2023. Also printed ...
  • Fish Improves Nutrition (Ikan Hadi'ak Nutrisaun) flipbook (Tetum language) 

    Klumpyan, K. (2022)
    Type: Training Material
    Fish Improving Nutrition Flipbook containing four different interactive sessions that promote fish consumption of tilapia/nile fish, building fish deboning skills, and a budgeting activity for nutritious food. Information, ...
  • Zambia Aquaculture Enterprise Development Project (ZAEDP): Genetic improvement program 

    Komugisha, B.; Chungu, P.; Malambo, T.; Hampuwo, B.; Kakwasha, K.; Chileya, A.; Siamudaala, V.; Basiita Rose Komugisha: 0000-0002-7257-0286; Keagan Kakwasha: 0000-0002-8646-9154 (2022)
    Type: Brief
    With technical support from WorldFish, the government of Zambia is implementing a genetic improvement program (GIP) for the indigenous three-spotted tilapia (Oreochromis andersonii) (Plate 1) under the Zambia Aquaculture ...
  • Transforming climate-resilient aquatic food systems for shared prosperity 

    Nasr-Allah, A.M.; Ahmed Mohamed Nasr-Allah: 0000-0001-6299-8556 (2022)
    Type: Video
    This event takes place in the Food and Agriculture Pavilion at the UN Climate Change Conference 2022 (COP27), co-hosted by CGIAR, FAO and The Rockefeller Foundation. For the full program of events visit https://cop27food ...

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