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  • Final report of the PhD project Feeding strategy for carps and tilapia polyculture 

    Akter, M. (2024)
    Type: Donor Report
    This report contains the summary of a PhD project where the research was undertaken under WorldFish Bangladesh.
  • Development and Scaling of Sustainable Feeds for Resilient Aquatic Food Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa: Gender and inclusive development action plan (GIDAP) outcome report 

    Ganguly, S.; Drucza, K.; Njiriri, W.; Yossa, R.; Rodrigue Yossa: 0000-0003-4792-0173 (2023)
    Type: Report
    FASA conducted GESI assessments for each country, revealing barriers and inequalities limiting the participation of women, youths and marginalized groups in the aquaculture sector. The assessment identified gaps in policies, ...
  • Fish consumption in India: Patterns and trends 

    Panemangalore, A.P.; Dubey, S.K.; Bayan, B.; Chadag, V.; Belton, B.; Jena, J.; Mathew, S.; Murthy, L.N.; Karthikeyan, M.; Murthy, C.K.; Arun Padiyar Panemangalore: 0000-0002-5271-8642; Vishnumurthy Mohan Chadag: 0000-0002-2574-284X (2024)
    Type: Internal Report
    This study investigates the dynamics of fish consumption in India from 2005 to 2021, using comprehensive, nationally representative surveys conducted by the Government of India. It reveals significant growth in fish ...
  • Minimum dietary diversity for women survey 

    Nway, H.; Ali, S.A.; Rizaldo, Q.; Akester, M.J.; Syed Aman Ali: 0000-0003-3876-130X; Quennie Rizaldo: 0000-0002-7958-2618; Michael Joseph Akester: 0000-0001-6526-1613 (2024)
    Type: Report
    The survey highlighted the food consumption of women of reproductive age in Activity areas. Overall, 55% of the respondents in the 26 townships survey had consumed at least five of the 10 food groups. It is to note that ...
  • Survey on fish handling practices among fresh fish vendors in Fish for Livelihoods Activity areas 

    Rizaldo, Q.; Phyo, E.E.; Akester, M.J.; Quennie Rizaldo: 0000-0002-7958-2618; Ei Ei Phyo: 0000-0002-3745-7659; Michael Joseph Akester: 0000-0001-6526-1613 (2023)
    Type: Brief
    Fish and other aquatic foods (fresh and processed) comprise a significant portion of the animal-sourced food in Myanmar diets. They provide essential nutrients necessary for human growth and development, especially in the ...

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