WorldFish research is regarded as international public goods, and we are committed to the widespread dissemination of all our information products. One of the organizational objectives of WorldFish is to make all of its products open. This is in line with both the Center’s Research Data Management and Open Access Policy and the CGIAR Open Access and Data Management Policy. Opening our research, including publications, data and tools, ensures that more people can read and apply our research findings, thereby increasing the efficiency, reach and impact of our work.

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  • The Ontologies Community of Practice: A CGIAR Initiative for Big Data in Agrifood Systems 

    Arnaud, E.; Laporte, M.; Kim, S.; Aubert, C.; Leonelli, S.; Miro, B.; Cooper, L.; Jaiswal, P.; Kruseman, G.; Shrestha, R.; Buttigieg, P.L.; Mungall, C.J.; Petragalla, J.; Agbona, A.; Muliro, J.; Detras, J.; Hualla Mamani, V.; Rathore, A.; Das, R.; Dieng, I.; Bauchet, G.; Menda, N.; Pommier, C.; Shaw, F.; Lyon, D.; Mwanzia, L.; Juarez, H.; Bonaiuti, E.; Chiputwa, B.; Olatunbosun, O.; Auzoux, S.; Yeumo, E.D.; Mueller, L.; Silverstein, K.; Lafargue, A.; Antezana, E.; Devare, M.; King, B.; Elizabeth Arnaud: 0000-0002-6020-5919; Marie Angelique Laporte: 0000-0002-8461-9745; Jacqueline Muliro: 0000-0002-2789-1558; Abhishek Rathore: 0000-0001-6887-4095; Leroy Mwanzia: 0000-0002-1107-6110; Henry Juarez: 0000-0002-8535-7089; Enrico Bonaiuti: 0000-0002-4010-4141; Obileye Olatunbosun: 0000-0002-1200-0994 (2020)
    Type: Journal Article
    Digital technology use in agriculture and agrifood systems research accelerates the production of multidisciplinary data, which spans genetics, environment, agroecology, biology, and socioeconomics. Quality labeling of ...
  • Toward structural change: Gender transformative approaches 

    McDougall, C.; Badstue, L.; Mulema, A.; Fischer, G.; Najjar, D.; Pyburn, R.; ELias, M.; Joshi, D.; Vos, A.; Cynthia McDougall: 0000-0002-5606-6813; Annet Mulema: 0000-0003-4192-3939; Gundula Fischer: 0000-0002-7658-786X; Dina Najjar: 0000-0001-9156-7691; Marlene ELias: 0000-0001-8835-5348 (2020)
    Type: Book Chapter
    This chapter responds to the pressing imperative to rethink current manifestations of Gender and Development (GAD). It does so by investigating gender transformative approaches as an emerging response and potential post-GADway ...
  • Implementing aquaculture technology and innovation platforms in Asia 

    Bush, S.R.; Pauwelussen, A.; Badia, P.; Kruk, S.; Little, D.; Luong, L.; Newton, R.; The Nhan, D.; Rahman, M.M.; Sorgeloos, P.; Yeong, Y.; Muhammad Meezanur Rahman: 0000-0002-7305-8292 (2020)
    Type: Journal Article
    EURASTIP translated tech and innovation platforms from Europe to Asia. We examine how translation affects form and function of these platforms. We find translation process of is non-linear and pluriform. We reveal 6 design ...
  • Performance evaluation of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) improved strains in Ghana 

    Trinh, T.Q.; Agyakwah, S.K.; Khaw, H.; Attipoe, F.Y.; Benzie, J.; Trong Quoc Trinh: 0000-0001-7769-2250; John Benzie: 0000-0001-9599-8683 (2020)
    Type: Journal Article
    Growth performance and survival to harvest of the Akosombo strain generation 10 and the GIFT strain generation two (derived from GIFT generation 11 in Malaysia) were evaluated in Ghana. The fish were from 96 families of ...
  • What WorldFish does in Malaita Province 

    Ride, A. (2020)
    Type: Brochure
    Western Province is known for high species diversity in its coral reefs and lagoons which supply the population with their main source of protein through eating fish, selling fish for income, and also support a local tourism ...

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