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    • Rice-fish Systems – Back to the Future 

      Freed, S.; McCartney, M.; Sarah Freed: 0000-0001-8574-8218; Matthew McCartney: 0000-0001-6342-2815 (2020)
      Type: Blog
      Research by World Fish, IWMI and IRRI, some of which is summarized in a newly published journal article, demonstrates that rice-fish systems can make efficient use of increasingly scarce water and land resources and reduce ...
    • Rice-fish-vegetable integrated farming: towards a sustainable ecosystem 

      Roy, B.; Das, D.N.; Mukhopadhyay, P.K. (1990)
      Type: Journal Article
      An outline is given of procedures to take in order to adopt an integrated rice-fish-vegetable farming system in India. Vegetables, which are cultivated in the dikes of the system, may include Luffa acutangula, Vigna ...
    • Rice-freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) farms in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam 

      Nguyen Quang Tuyen (1993)
      Type: Journal Article
      Aquaculture in riceland has been practiced in Mekong Delta, Vietnam for a long time and integrated rice-freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) farming has become more and more popular. The integrated farming systems ...
    • Rice/carp farming in the Philippines and cultural acceptance 

      Polich, T. (1979)
      Type: Journal Article
      In response to inland fisheries demands for more manageable species of fish, development agencies in the Philippines have turned some attention to common carp (Cyprinus carpio) and its culture in rice paddies. Tilapia, ...
    • Rights and representation support justice across aquatic food systems 

      Hicks, C.; Gephart, J.; Koehn, Z.; Takeshima, S.; Payne, H.J.; Allison, E.; Belhabib, D.; Cao, L.; Cohen, P.J.; Fanzo, J.; Fluet-Chouinard, E.; Gelcich, S.; Golden, C.D.; Gorospe, K.D.; Isaacs, M.; Kuempel, C.D.; Lee, K.N.; MacNeil, M.A.; Maire, E.; Njuki, J.; Rao, N.; Sumaila, U.; Selig, E.R.; Thilsted, S.H.; Wabnitz, C.C.; Naylor, R.L.; Philippa Jane Cohen: 0000-0002-9987-1943; Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted: 0000-0002-4041-1651 (2022-10-18)
      Type: Journal Article
      Injustices are prevalent in food systems, where the accumulation of vast wealth is possible for a few, yet one in ten people remain hungry. Here, for 194 countries we combine aquatic food production, distribution and ...
    • Rights, equity and justice: A diagnostic for social meta-norm diffusion in environmental governance 

      Lawless, S.; Song, A.; Cohen, P.J.; Morrison, T.; Philippa Jane Cohen: 0000-0002-9987-1943
      Type: Journal Article
      Social meta-norms, including human rights, gender equality, equity and environmental justice, are mainstream principles of good environmental governance. The permeation of social meta-norms through global environmental ...
    • Rights-based fisheries governance: from fishing rights to human rights 

      Allison, E.H.; Ratner, B.D.; Asgard, B.; Willmann, R.; Pomeroy, R.; Kurien, J. (2012)
      Type: Journal Article
      In the last twenty years, policy prescriptions for addressing the global crisis in fisheries have centred on strengthening fisheries governance through clarifying exclusive individual or community rights of access to fishery ...
    • Risk analysis in aquaculture: A step-by-step introduction with worked examples 

      Lind, C.E.; Dana, G.V.; Perera, R.P.; Phillips, M.J. (2015)
      Type: Manual
      This publication is based on materials covered and outputs generated during the Workshop on Risk Assessment Methodologies and Tools for Aquaculture in Sub-Saharan Africa, which was jointly held by WorldFish and FAO in ...
    • Risk assessment of using poultry manure on water quality, fish as well as their human health and biological treatment in aquaculture ponds 

      Badawy, T.E.M.; Zaki, E.M.; Al-Kenawy, D.A. (2009)
      Type: Journal Article
      The efficiency of Scenedesmus dimorphus as biological treatment to improve water and fish quality in fish farms where poultry manure as fertilizers were studied.
    • Risk factors and opportunities of intensive shrimp (Penaeus Monodon) production in Bangladesh 

      Rahman, M.M.; Jaman, A.; Eltholth, M.; Murray, F.; Ali, H.; Muhammad Meezanur Rahman: 0000-0002-7305-8292; Hazrat Ali: 0000-0002-6303-1336 (2019)
      Type: Conference Paper
      Shrimp aquaculture play an important role in Bangladesh economy. It provides livelihood of several hundred thousand small-scale shrimp farmers and about half a billion United States dollars export revenue each year. The ...
    • River fisheries: ecological bases for management and conservation 

      Arthington, A.H.; Lorenzen, K.; Pusey, B.J.; Abell, R.; Halls, A.S.; Winemiller, K.O.; Arrington, D.A.; Baran, E. (2004)
      Type: Report
      Large rivers and their floodplains support a significant proportion of the world’s biodiversity and provide important goods and ecological services to society, including fisheries. Riverine ecosystems and fisheries are ...
    • River-based artificial propagation of the African catfish Clarias gariepinus: an option for the small fish farmer 

      Charo, H.; Oirere, W. (2000)
      Type: Journal Article
      A cheap method of propagating the African catfish, Clarias gariepinus, by incubating the fertilized eggs in a cage placed directly in a flowing river is described. Hatching ranged between 39 and 70%. This is not significantly ...
    • Rivers of the Lower Guinean rainforest: biogeography and sustainable exploitation 

      Brummett, R.E.; Teugels, G.G. (2003)
      Type: Book Chapter
      The Lower Guinean rainforest of Southern Cameroon, continental Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and the People's Republic of the Congo and its associated biodiversity is being destroyed at a rate of 1 million ha per year by poorly ...
    • Rock lobster in Democratic Yemen 

      Amir, A. (1983)
      Type: Journal Article
      Rock lobsters have been known to exist in the Aden Gulf since 1962, but the commercial catches of this valuable resource began in 1975. This short article gives an account of rock lobster fisheries in Yemen.
    • The Role of Aquaculture and Capture Fisheries in Meeting Food and Nutrition Security: Testing a Nutrition-Sensitive Pond Polyculture Intervention in Rural Zambia 

      Kaminski, A.; Little, D.; Middleton, L.; Syapwaya, M.; Lundeba, M.; Johnson, J.; Huchzermeyer, C.; Thilsted, S.H.; Alexander Kaminski: 0000-0001-5148-0460; Mary Lundeba: 0000-0001-8274-0800; Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted: 0000-0002-4041-1651 (2022)
      Type: Journal Article
      This study tested the efficacy of a pond polyculture intervention with farming households in northern Zambia. Longitudinal data on fish consumption and the associated nutrient intake of households (N = 57) were collected ...
    • Role of aquaculture in increasing water productivity 

      Brummett, R.E. (2006)
      Type: Book
      The objective of this review is to compare aquaculture to other food production strategies in terms of freshwater use, and demonstrate how aquaculture can be made to have positive impacts on food supply, economic growth ...
    • The Role of Aquatic Foods in Sustainable Healthy Diets 

      Ahern, M.; Thilsted, S.H.; Oenema, S.; Barange, M.; Cartmill, M.K.; Brandstrup, S.C.; Doumeizel, V.; Dyer, N.; Frøyland, L.; Garrido-Gamarro, E.; Kühnhold, H.; Mohammed, E.; Penarubia, O.; Potin, P.; Sharan, S.; Utheim, A.; Uyar, B.; Vannuccini, S.; Ward, A.; Zhou, X.; Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted: 0000-0002-4041-1651
      Type: Working Paper
      Diverse aquatic foods – including animals, plants and microorganisms farmed in and harvested from water, as well as cell and plant-based foods emerging from new food technologies – have an essential role in ensuring food ...
    • The Role of Coral Reef Small-Scale Fisheries for Addressing Malnutrition and Avoiding Biodiversity Loss 

      Andrachuk, M.; Peckham, H.; Campbell, S.; Box, S.; Cramer, K.; Darling, E.; Dougherty, D.; Geers, T.; Hicks, C.; Kleisner, K.; Mangubhai, S.; Mason, J.; Matthews, E.; Rife, A.; Rivera, A.; Robinson, J.; Tilley, A.; Wabnitz, C.C.; Alexander Tilley: 0000-0002-6363-0945 (2022)
      Type: Working Paper
      Integrated management of coral reef foods, as a highly diverse set of blue foods, can contribute to addressing the dual challenges of malnutrition and biodiversity loss. Advances in nutrition research have made it possible ...
    • Role of fish in enhancing ricefield ecology and in integrated pest management: summary report 

      dela Cruz, C.R. (ed.) (1994)
      Type: Conference Proceedings
      Summary report of the Third Asian Regional Rice-Fish Farming Research and Development Workshop, Indonesia, 1993. Includes sessions on ricefield ecology and fish; integrated pest management (IPM); research methodology; and ...
    • The role of fish ponds in the nutrient dynamics of mixed farming systems 

      Muendo, P.N. (2006)
      Type: Thesis
      The major objective of the study, is to explore the use of ponds as nutrient traps (besides fish production) to increase nutrient use efficiency in integrated farming systems. It focuses on (i) nutrient utilization efficiency ...