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    • Assessment of the fishing effort level in the shrimp fisheries of the central and southern Gulf of California 

      Medina, A.S.; Soto, L.A. (2003)
      Type: Journal Article
      In view of the concern caused by the declining trend in the annual shrimp yield in the Central Gulf of California, an attempt was made to analyze the fishing effort level exerted upon the shrimp stocks of the blue ...
    • Assessment of the impact of aquatic resources research by ICLARM: scope and methodologies 

      Ahmed, M.; Dey, M.M.; Williams, M.J. (1999)
      Type: Journal Article
      The importance of quantifying the economic returns to investments in aquatic resources research together with the social, environmental and institutional impacts of such investments is widely recognized among ICLARM's ...
    • Assessment of the impact of dissemination of genetically improved Abbassa Nile tilapia strain (GIANT-G9) versus commercial strains in some Egyptian governorates 

      Ibrahim, N.A.; Nasr-Allah, A.M.; Charo-Karisa, H.; Nabil Ahmed Ibrahim: 0000-0002-2007-7684; Ahmed Nasr-Allah: 0000-0001-6299-8556; Harrison Karisa: 0000-0001-5323-794X (2019)
      Type: Journal Article
      WorldFish initiated a selective breeding program in Abbassa--Egypt to develop and produce the genetically improved Nile tilapia strain known as “Genetically Improved Abbassa Nile tilapia (GIANT)”, adopting the same technology ...
    • Assessment of the local service provider model in Bangladesh 

      Kruijssen, F.; Golam, F.; Braaten, Y.; Minneboo, E.; Froukje Kruijssen: 0000-0002-9804-3038 (2019)
      Type: Working Paper
      The LSP model has gained some popularity in Bangladesh in recent years and has been implemented by several projects. This assessment focuses on the LSP models implemented by Aquaculture for Income and Nutrition (AIN) and ...
    • Assessment, management and future directions for coastal fisheries in Asian countries 

      Silvestre, G.; Garces, L.; Stobutzki, I.; Ahmed, M.; Valmonte-Santos, R.A.; Luna, C.; Lachica-Alino, L.; Munro, P.; Christensen, V.; Pauly, D. (eds.) (2003)
      Type: Conference Proceedings
      In Asia, the fisheries sector is important in terms of food security, livelihoods and foreign exchange earnings. However, as in many parts of the world, there are signs that capture fisheries are fully exploited or overfished. ...
    • Asset or liability? Aquaculture in a natural disaster prone area 

      Karim, M.; Castine, S.; Brooks, A.; Beare, D.; Beveridge, M.; Phillips, M.; Manjurul Karim: 0000-0003-4280-3568; Michael Phillips: 0000-0002-0282-0286 (2014)
      Type: Journal Article
      The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the role of aquaculture in improving a familys ability to cope with disasters like cyclones. Small-scale aquaculture is expanding in deltas globally. This work, therefore, seeks to ...
    • Atlas demographique des populations de poissons d'eau douce d'Afrique 

      Moreau, J.; Palomares, M.L.D.; Torres, F.S.B., Jr.; Pauly, D. (1995)
      Type: Report
      Growth and catch curves plus recruitment and selection patterns of 57 stocks and 47 species of African freshwater fishes are presented. The atlas also includes mortality estimates, information on food and feeding habits, ...
    • Attenuated virulence of pigment-producing mutant of Aeromonas veronii bv. sobria in HeLa cells and Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) 

      Abolghait, S.K.; Mohamed, M.F.; Aly, S.M.; Garbaj, A.M.; Moawad, A.A. (2013)
      Type: Journal Article
      Aeromonas species are potential water/foodborne pathogens, whereas Aeromonas veronii bv. sobria is one of the most virulent species to human and fish. Most current experimental evidence has publicized that suicide plasmid ...
    • Attributes of climate resilience in fisheries: From theory to practice 

      Mason, J.; Eurich, J.J.; Lau, J.; Battista, W.; Free, C.; Mills, K.E.; Tokunaga, K.; Zhao, L.Z.; Dickey-Collas, M.; Valle, M.; Pecl, G.; Cinner, J.; McClanahan, T.; Allison, E.; Friedman, W.R.; Silva, C.; Yáñez, E.; Barbieri, M.A.; Kleisner, K.; Jacqueline Lau: 0000-0002-0403-8423 (2022)
      Type: Journal Article
      In a changing climate, there is an imperative to build coupled social-ecological systems—including fisheries—that can withstand or adapt to climate stressors. Although resilience theory identifies system attributes that ...
    • Autogenous vaccination in aquaculture: A locally enabled solution towards reduction of the global antimicrobial resistance problem 

      Barnes, A.; Silayeva, O.; Landos, M.; Thanh, D.; Lusiastuti, A.; Phuoc, L.; Delamare-Deboutteville, J.; Jerome Delamare-Deboutteville: 0000-0003-4169-2456 (2021)
      Type: Journal Article
      Antimicrobial resistance is a global public health crisis with attention focussed on food supply as part of the ‘One Health’ integration of veterinary, environmental and public health. Aquaculture has been the fastest ...
    • Automatic data processing for licensing and information management of foreign vessel access fisheries 

      Evans, D. (1984)
      Type: Journal Article
      An system is described for the processing of data regarding the licensing and management of foreign fishing.
    • Autonomous adaptation to climate change by shrimp and catfish farmers in Vietnam’s Mekong River delta 

      Kam, S.P.; Badjeck, M.C.; Teh, L.; Teh, L.; Tran, N.; Nhuong Van Tran: 0000-0002-1813-4571 (2012)
      Type: Working Paper
      The Mekong River delta of Vietnam supports a thriving aquaculture industry but is exposed to the impacts of climate change. In particular, sea level rise and attendant increased flooding (both coastal and riverine) and ...
    • Availability of wild spat of the blacklip pearl oyster, Pinctada margaritifera, from 'open' reef systems in Solomon Islands 

      Friedman, K.J.; Bell, J.H.; Tiroba, G. (1998)
      Type: Journal Article
      In this paper, we report results from a 2-year sampling program to assess spatial and temporal variation in abundances of spat in Solomon Islands. In particular, we focus on the apparent characteristics of good sites for ...
    • Awareness & demonstration of fish nutrition promotion programme under APART 

      Ratha, B.C.; Chadag, V.; Rajendran, S.; Vishnumurthy Mohan Chadag: 0000-0002-2574-284X (2022)
      Type: Report
      Based on the deliverable -7 of WorldFish under the APART project, the WorldFish Assam team has conducted 12 numbers of small fish nutrition promotion awareness, piloting and demonstration activities in different parts of ...
    • Azolla as a fish food 

      Pullin, R.S.V.; Almazan, G. (1983)
      Type: Journal Article
      The potential of Azolla as food for fish is discussed with respect to various experiments undertaken using tilapia.
    • Back to the future: integrating rice-fish systems for building resilience 

      Lopez, A.; Yadav, S.; Smith, B.; Freed, S.; De Silva, S.; Dubois, M.; Sarah Freed: 0000-0001-8574-8218; Mark Dubois: 0000-0002-8092-6465 (2021)
      Type: Video
      Integrated rice-fish approaches at farm and land-scape level, supported by a new set of decision support tools can help policy makers and investors in tailoring, targeting, and ultimately, in wide-scale investment in ...
    • Baguio Resolution on Coastal Resources Management 

      Association of Southeast Asian Nations (1990)
      Type: Conference Proceedings
      The publication presents the "Baguio Resolution on Managing ASEAN's Coastal Resources for Sustainable Development" which was agreed during an international conference held in the Philippines in March 1990 where policymakers ...
    • Balancing between livelihood and biodiversity conservation: a model study on gear selectivity for harvesting small indigenous fishes in southern Bangladesh 

      Islam, M.M.; Islam, N.; Mostafiz, M.; Sunny, A.R.; Keus, H.J.; Karim, M.; Hossain, M.Z.; Sarker, S.; Manjurul Karim: 0000-0003-4280-3568 (2018)
      Type: Journal Article
      This study has determined a suitable mesh size for small indigenous fish species (SIS) harvesting and has also developed a new gill net operation technique taking into consideration of aquatic biodiversity conservation, ...
    • Balancing carrots and sticks: incentives for sustainable hilsa fishery management in Bangladesh 

      Dewhurst-Richman, N.; Mohammed, E.Y.; Ali, M.L.; Hassan, K.; Wahab, M.A.; Ahmed, Z.F.; Islam, M.M.; Bladon, A.; Haldar, G.C.; Ahmed, C.S.; Majumder, M.K.; Hossain, M.M.; Rahman, A.; Hussein, B. (2016)
      Type: Report
      Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS) and Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) in collaboration with the Bangladesh government’s Department of Fisheries in 2013–2016 for enhancing the effectiveness and sustainability of ...
    • Balancing hydropower and biodiversity in the Amazon, Congo, and Mekong 

      Winemiller, K.O.; McIntyre, P.B.; Castello, L.; Fluet-Chouinard, E.; Giarrizzo, T.; Nam, S.; Baird, I.G.; Darwall, W.; Lujan, N.K.; Harrison, I.; Stiassny, M.L.J.; Silvano, R.A.M.; Fitzgerald, D.B.; Pelicice, F.M.; Agostinho, A.A.; Gomes, L.C.; Albert, J.S.; Baran, E.; Petrere Jr, M.; Zarfl, C.; Mulligan, M.; Sullivan, J.P.; Arantes, C.C.; Sousa, L.M.; Koning, A.A.; Hoeinghaus, D.J.; Sabaj, M.; Lundberg, J.G.; Armbruster, J.; Thieme, M.L.; Petry, P.; Zuanon, J.; Torrente Vilara, G.; Snoeks, J.; Ou, C.; Rainboth, W.; Pavanelli, C.S.; Akama, A.; van Soesbergen, A.; Sáenz, L. (2016)
      Type: Journal Article
      The worlds most biodiverse river basins (the Amazon, Congo, and Mekong) are experiencing an unprecedented boom in construction of hydropower dams. These projects address important energy needs, but advocates often overestimate ...