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    • Preliminary results of integrated pig-fish and duck-fish production tests 

      Cruz, E.M.; Shehadeh, Z.H. (1980)
      Type: Book Chapter
      A research project was initiated in 1977 at the Freshwater Aquaculture Center (FAC) of the Central Luzon State University (CLSU) design a fish polyculture system that would provide the highest economic return, giving manure ...
    • Social and economic aspects of small-scale fisheries development: a case study from Malaysia 

      Bailey, C. (1980)
      Type: Conference Paper
      Natural, technological, and human resources interact systematically and it is argued that development strategies for small-scale fisheries must take this into consideration. Two general approaches to development are ...
    • Fish behavior and its use in the capture and culture of fishes 

      Bardach, J.E.; Magnuson, J.J.; May, R.C.; Reinhart, J.M. (eds.) (1980)
      Type: Conference Proceedings
      The book deals with the utility of information on behaviour and physiology in the management of fisheries. Papersin the book are grouped into 3 categories: 1) those that apply to the manipulation of fish behaviour essentially ...
    • Research and development of Indian reservoir fisheries 

      Natarajan, A.V. (1980)
      Type: Journal Article
      Reservoir resources and the status of fishery development in India is discussed. The current situation regardingresearch on reservoir ecosystems and fishery resources management is considered, and the ecosystem-oriented ...
    • Food potential of aquatic macrophytes 

      Edwards, P. (1980)
      Type: Report
      Presents a review of the pathways in which aquatic macrophytes may be involved in the food production process, directly as human food, as livestock fodder, as fertilizer (mulch and manure, ash, green manure, compost, biogas ...
    • The population dynamics of Nemipterus marginatus (Cuvier & Val.) off western Kalimantan, South China Sea 

      Pauly, D.; Martosubroto. P. (1980)
      Type: Journal Article
      The following parameter values are derived for a West Kalimantan (West Borneo) stock of the threadfin bream, Nemipterus marginatus : L infinity = 24.5 cm (L.T.), W infinity = 210 g, K = 0.42, t = -0.41 and M = 1.73. ...
    • An objective method for determining fish growth from length-frequency data 

      Pauly, D.; David, N. (1980)
      Type: Journal Article
      A computing procedure was devised, to determine fish growth, that traces through a series of length frequencysamples sequentially arranged in time, a multitude of growth curves, and then selects the single curve which best ...
    • Brackishwater pond development in Sumatra 

      Duncan, B. (1980)
      Type: Journal Article
      In 1976 the Government of Indonesia began a brackish water pond (tambak) development project on the east coast of the north Sumatra provinces Aceh and North Sumatra. Strategic outputs for the 2 province projects are listed. ...
    • Conflict within the fishing industry 

      Thomson, D. (1980)
      Type: Journal Article
      There are two distinct sectors within the marine fisheries of the world. One is composed of mainly company-owned large-investment fishing units, and the other of chiefly privately owned or privately-managed small-scale ...
    • Tropical man-made lakes, African fish and cheap protein 

      Fernando, C.H. (1980)
      Type: Journal Article
      Tropical reservoirs (man-made lakes) have evened out somewhat the distribution of standing waters on a global scale. Natural lakes are well represented in the North Temperate and Arctic regions. In the tropics, the only ...
    • Preliminary bibliography of rice-fish culture 

      Temprosa, R.M.; Shehadeh, Z.H. (1980)
      Type: Book
      Over 300 references to research and development of the combined farming of rice and fish are listed.
    • Philippine municipal fisheries: a review of resources, technology, and socio-economics 

      Smith, I.R.; Puzon, M.Y.; Vidal-Libunao, C.N. (1980)
      Type: Working Paper
      Recent research findings related to the technology and socioeconomics of small-scale municipal fishermen in the Philippines and the "open-access" resources they exploit are reviewed. Evidence is provided of a trend towards ...
    • ICLARM's Resource Development and Management Program: the Tropical Stock Assessment Research Project 

      Pauly, D. (1980)
      Type: Journal Article
      The project was conceived to identify and overcome the major constraints preventing the development of stock assessment techniques appropriate to tropical stocks. These constraints are listed and the project's programme of ...
    • Law of the Sea: problems of conflict and management of fisheries in Southeast Asia 

      Christy, F.T., Jr. (ed.) (1980)
      Type: Conference Proceedings
      This workshop deals with some of the problems in connection with the Extended Economic Zone in the Southeast Asia area. Two of the major problems, resource allocation and implementation of fishery management plans, are ...
    • Traditional fisheries development in the Philippines 

      Smith, I.R. (1980)
      Type: Journal Article
      Development programmes aimed at raising income levels of the half-million Philippine traditional municipal fishermen have emphasized production-oriented projects designed to up-grade vessels and gear. Review of recent ...
    • Philippine tilapia broodstock project 

      Pullin, R.S.V. (1980)
      Type: Journal Article
      The background to the setting up of the project is summarized and an outline of the project given. The 4 tilapiaspecies currently available are Sarotherodon mossambicus, S. niloticus, S. aureus and Tilapia zillii . The ...
    • Customary law and the evolution of coastal zone management 

      Alexander, P. (1980)
      Type: Journal Article
      Although fisheries production in the Indo-Pacific has markedly increased, employment opportunities have diminished, social inequalities have been exacerbated and peasant fishing households have been further impoverished. ...
    • Fisheries development in ASEAN countries 

      Hongskul, V. (1980)
      Type: Journal Article
      Recent statistics on fisheries production of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) member countriesindicated significant development during the period 1972-1977. The fisheries resource evaluation and aquaculture ...
    • Seaweed farming as alternative income for small-scale fishermen: a case study 

      Smith, I.R.; Pestaño-smith, R. (1980)
      Type: Conference Paper
      If access to a fully exploited fishery resources remains open, the development of alternative or supplementary income sources offers the best hope for raising incomes in fishing communities. This paper presents a case study ...
    • Unconventional fishing methods in the Anambra and Imo River Basins, Nigeria 

      Ojike, N.A. (1980)
      Type: Journal Article
      The Anambra and Imo River basins are richly endowed with fishery resources. The use of unconventional fishing methods, such as local poisonous herbs and chemicals and various explosives, threatens to destroy their aquatic ...