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    • Building adaptive capacity to climate change; approaches applied in five diverse fisheries settings 

      Roscher, M.B.; Eam, D.; Suri, S.K.; Van Der Ploeg, J.; Mills, D.J.; Nagoli, J.; Cohen, P.J.; Cinner, J.; Hossain, M.; Matthew B Roscher: 0000-0002-3408-8763; Sharon K Suri: 0000-0003-3064-7991; David Jonathan Mills: 0000-0003-0181-843X; Joseph Nagoli: 0000-0002-8919-1397; Philippa Jane Cohen: 0000-0002-9987-1943; Md. Emdad Hossain: 0000-0001-5077-8740 (2020)
      Type: Brief
      Climate change poses a range of risks to coastal and inland rural communities in the global tropics. People living within these communities depend directly on physical and natural environments for income, food and their ...
    • Sixteen years of social and ecological dynamics reveal challenges and opportunities for adaptive management in sustaining the commons 

      Cinner, J.E.; Lau, J.D.; Bauman, A.G.; Feary, D.A.; Januchowski-Hartley, F.A.; Rojas, C.A.; Barnes, M.L.; Bergseth, B.J.; Shum, E.; Lahari, R.; Ben, J.; Graham, N.A.J. (2019)
      Type: Journal Article
      Efforts to confront the challenges of environmental change and uncertainty include attempts to adaptively manage social–ecological systems. However, critical questions remain about whether adaptive management can lead to ...