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    • EcoFish final evaluation report 

      Mohammed, E. (2020)
      Type: Internal Report
      EcoFish final evaluation report
    • Hilsa: Status of fishery and potential for aquaculture 

      Abdul, W.M.; Phillips, M.J.; Beveridge, M.; Michael John Phillips: 0000-0002-0282-0286
      Type: Book
      Hilsa: Status of Fishery and Potential for Aquaculture is a proceedings book, which is edited by an international team of experts and authored by 10 international expert teams working on different disciplines of the hilsa ...
    • Information about seed fund for hilsa fishers (Bangla vesion) 

      Abdul, W.M.; Rahman, M.J.; Hossain, M.; Mohammad Jalilur Rahman: 0000-0003-4090-7339 (2019)
      Type: Brief
      This brief provides information about the seed fund that USAID ECOFISH handed over to Director General, Department of Fisheries (DoF) to raise a total amount of Taka 3.5 crore (US$0.43 million) for the Hilsa Conservation ...
    • Understanding social-ecological challenges of a small-scale hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) fishery in Bangladesh 

      Mozumder, M.; Abdul, W.M.; Pyhälä, A.; Sarkki, S.; Schneider, P.; Islam, M. (2019)
      Type: Journal Article
      Small-scale fisheries (SSFs) have been playing a crucial role in meeting the basic needs of millions of people around the world. Despite this, the sustainability of global fisheries is a growing concern, and the factors ...