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    • A review of inclusive business models and their application in aquaculture development 

      Kaminski, A.; Kruijssen, F.; Cole, S.M.; Beveridge, M.; Dawson, C.; Chadag, V.; Suri, S.; Karim, M.; Li Chen, O.; Phillips, M.J.; Downing, B.; Weirowski, F.; Genschick, S.; Van Tran, N.; Rogers, W.; Little, D.; Alexander Kaminski: 0000-0001-5148-0460; Steven Michael Cole: 0000-0002-8947-0871; Vishnumurthy Mohan Chadag: 0000-0002-2574-284X; Sharon Suri: 0000-0003-3064-7991; Manjurul Karim: 0000-0003-4280-3568; Michael John Phillips: 0000-0002-0282-0286; Nhuong Van Tran: 0000-0002-1813-4571 (2020)
      Type: Journal Article
      For aquaculture to continue along its current growth trajectory and contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, value chains must become more inclusive. Smallholders and other local value chain actors ...