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    • Coral reef conservation in Solomon Islands: Overcoming the policy implementation gap. 

      Van Der Ploeg, J.; Jupiter, S.; Hughes, A.; Eriksson, H.; Notere Boso, D.; Govan, H.; Hampus Eriksson: 0000-0003-1199-6889 (2020)
      Type: Internal Report
      This policy gap analysis identifies threats to coral reefs, evaluates the effectiveness of the existing legal framework to address these threats, and formulates recommendations to strengthen community-based natural resource ...
    • Patterns of catch and trophic signatures illustrate diverse management requirements of coastal fisheries at island scale in Solomon Islands 

      Smallhorn-West, P.; Van Der Ploeg, J.; Notere Boso, D.; Sukulu, M.; Leamae, J.; Isihanua, M.; Jasper, M.; Saeni-Oeta, J.; Batalofo, M.; Orirana, G.; Konamalefo, A.; Houma, J.; Eriksson, H.; Patrick Smallhorn-West: 0000-0001-6782-3704; Hampus Eriksson: 0000-0003-1199-6889 (2022)
      Type: Journal Article
      Coastal fisheries are a critical component of Pacific island food systems; they power village economies and provide nutritious aquatic foods. Many coastal women and men actively fishing in this region rely on multi-species ...