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    • Analysis of the Informal Trade as a Source of Household Income: A Case of Cross-border Fish Traders in Zambia 

      Kakwasha, K.; Keagan Kakwasha: 0000-0003-4251-7449 (2017)
      Type: Thesis
      The general objective of this study was to analyze the informal trade as source of household income with a special focus on cross border fish traders in Zambia. The study covers findings from border site fish markets in ...
    • Aquaculture Performance Assessment in Egypt: Preliminary descriptive analysis 

      Shikuku, K.M.; Henriksson, P.J.; Rossignoli, C.; Nasr-Allah, A.M.; Tran, N.; Kelvin Mashisia Shikuku: 0000-0003-2290-074X; Patrik John Gustav Henriksson: 0000-0002-3439-623X; Cristiano Rossignoli: 0000-0001-8220-7360; Ahmed Mohamed Nasr-Allah: 0000-0001-6299-8556; Nhuong Tran: 0000-0002-1813-4571 (2019)
      Type: Presentation
      We present preliminary results of aquaculture performance assessment in Egypt. The study was conducted between September and December 2019 interviewing 402 farmers.
    • Assessment of the local service provider model in Bangladesh 

      Kruijssen, F.; Golam, F.; Braaten, Y.; Minneboo, E.; Froukje Kruijssen: 0000-0002-9804-3038 (2019)
      Type: Working Paper
      The LSP model has gained some popularity in Bangladesh in recent years and has been implemented by several projects. This assessment focuses on the LSP models implemented by Aquaculture for Income and Nutrition (AIN) and ...
    • China at a crossroads: An Analysis of China's changing seafood production and consumption 

      Crona, B.; Wassénius, E.; Troell, M.; Barclay, K.; Mallory, T.; Fabinyi, M.; Zhang, W.; Lam, V.W.; Cao, L.; Henriksson, P.J.; Eriksson, H.; Patrik John Gustav Henriksson: 0000-0002-3439-623X; Hampus Eriksson: 0000-0003-1199-6889 (2020)
      Type: Concept Note
      China is a key player in global production, consumption, and trade of seafood. Given this dominance, Chinese choices regarding what seafood to eat, and how and where to source it, are increasingly important—for China, and ...
    • Employment generation in the Egyptian aquaculture value chain 

      Nasr-Allah, A.M.; Gasparatos, A.; Karanja, A.; Dompreh, E.B.; Murphy, S.; Al-Kenawy, D.A.; Rossignoli, C.; Phillips, M.J.; Karisa, H.C.; Ahmed Mohamed Nasr-Allah: 0000-0001-6299-8556; Alice Karanja: 0000-0001-9095-4905; Seamus Murphy: 0000-0002-1792-0351; Diaa Abdel Reheem Al-Kenawy: 0000-0001-7737-6880; Cristiano Rossignoli: 0000-0001-8220-7360; Michael John Phillips: 0000-0002-0282-0286; Harrison Charo Karisa: 0000-0001-5323-794X (2019)
      Type: Report
      Aquaculture is an important sector with high potential, not only to provide nutritious food but also to contribute to the national economy, and the aquaculture value chain provides substantial employment generation ...
    • Farming fish in the sea will not nourish the world 

      Belton, B.; Little, D.; Zhang, W.; Edwards, P.; Skaladany, M.; Thilsted, S.H.; Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted: 0000-0002-4041-1651 (2020)
      Type: Journal Article
      Recent literature on marine fish farming brands it as potentially compatible with sustainable resource use, conservation, and human nutrition goals, and aligns with the emerging policy discourse of ‘blue growth’. We advance ...
    • Fish in food systems in Nigeria: A review 

      Bradley, B.; Byrd, K.A.; Atkins, M.; Isa, S.; Akintola, S.L.; Fakoya, K.A.; Ene-Obong, H.; Thilsted, S.H.; Kendra A Byrd: 0000-0003-4528-752X; Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted: 0000-0002-4041-1651 (2020)
      Type: Report
      In Nigeria, like many coastal developing countries, fish is an important source of food for the population, which is currently estimated at 186 million people (World Bank 2016). A recent study estimated that Nigeria ranks ...
    • Fisheries and aquaculture of Timor-Leste in 2019: Current knowledge and opportunities 

      López-Angarita, J.; Hunnam, K.; Pereira, M.; Mills, D.J.; Pant, J.; Teoh, S.; Eriksson, H.; Amaral, L.; Tilley, A.; David Jonathan Mills: 0000-0003-0181-843X; Shwu Jiau Teoh: 0000-0001-7676-8583; Hampus Eriksson: 0000-0003-1199-6889; Alexander Tilley: 0000-0002-6363-0945 (2019)
      Type: Internal Report
      This report details the current knowledge and available data on the fisheries and aquaculture sectors in Timor-Leste.
    • Future fish supply and demand in Nigeria 

      Chan, C.; Long Chu, H.; Tran, N.; Cheong, K.; Chin Yee Chan: 0000-0001-8615-2678; Nhuong Tran: 0000-0002-1813-4571; Kai Ching Cheong: 0000-0002-8115-417X (2019)
      Type: Presentation
      This presentation contains material to inform a crosssection of skaeholders in aquaculture on the development of a fish demand and supply foresight model and the scenarios to be used in the model. Purpose of the presentation ...
    • A gendered aquaculture value chain analysis in northwestern Bangladesh 

      Kruijssen, F.; Adam, R.; Choudhury, A.; Danielsen, K.; McDougall, C.; Newton, J.; Smits, E.; Shelley, C.C.; Afrina Choudhury: 0000-0003-1734-6238; Cynthia McDougall: 0000-0002-5606-6813; Colin Charles Shelley: 0000-0002-5268-3806 (2021)
      Type: Internal Report
      This document presents a value chain study with an integrated gender lens of the aquaculture sector in Rajshahi and Rangpur in northwestern Bangladesh. The study forms part of the contextual knowledge foundation for the ...
    • How is innovation in aquaculture conceptualized and managed? A systematic literature review and reflection framework to inform analysis and action 

      Joffre, O.M.; Klerkx, L.; Dickson, M.W.; Verdegem, M.; Olivier M. Joffre: 0000-0002-7857-5766; Laurens Klerkx: 0000-0002-1664-886X; Malcolm William Dickson: 0000-0003-2181-2625; Marc Verdegem: 0000-0002-2058-3894 (2017)
      Type: Journal Article
      Aquaculture has experienced spectacular growth in the past decades, during which continuous innovation has played a significant role, but it faces increasing criticism regarding its ecological and social sustainability ...
    • Inland MYSAP: Value chain report - Kalay 

      Harriet, M. (2019)
      Type: Internal Report
      As part of the baseline research conducted for this project, a value chain study was commissioned to understand the constraints facing selected aquaculture value chains and the opportunities for value-chain upgrading and ...
    • Inland MYSAP: Value chain report - Kyaing Tong 

      McCarty, A. (2019)
      Type: Internal Report
      As part of the baseline research conducted for this project, a value chain study was commissioned to understand the constraints facing selected aquaculture value chains and the opportunities for value-chain upgrading and ...
    • Inland MYSAP: Value chain report - Pinlaung 

      McCarty, A. (2019)
      Type: Internal Report
      As part of the baseline research conducted for this project, a value chain study was commissioned to understand the constraints facing selected aquaculture value chains and the opportunities for value-chain upgrading and ...
    • Mola (Amblypharyngodon mola) aquaculture in Bangladesh: Status and future needs 

      Rajts, F.; Shelley, C.C.; Colin Charles Shelley: 0000-0002-5268-3806 (2021)
      Type: Internal Report
      Mola (Amblypharyngodon mola) is one small indigenous fish species (SIS) that has long been identified as an excellent candidate for aquaculture because of its excellent nutritional value. Several organizations in the country ...
    • Myanmar inland fisheries and aquaculture: A decade in review 

      Khin, M.; Baran, E.; Grantham, R.; Tezzo, X.S.; Johnstone, G.; Xavier Simon Andre Tezzo: 0000-0002-4509-2901 (2020)
      Type: Book
      This publication reviews the current state of knowledge of inland capture fisheries and aquaculture in Myanmar, using data from the past decade. The book aims to highlight challenges and opportunities in Myanmar’s fisheries ...
    • Opportunities and challenges for small-scale aquaculture in Zambia 

      Kaminski, A.; Lundeba, M.; Gellner, M.; Giese, D.; Jabborov, S.; Nyika, B.; Patt, N.; Sadeghi, A.; Siachinga, M.; Alexander Kaminski: 0000-0001-5148-0460; Mary Lundeba: 0000-0001-8274-0800 (2019)
      Type: Book
      This study, funded by the German government and in partnership with an international research institute as well as the government department responsible for fish farming in Zambia, collected quantitative and qualitative ...
    • Pathway to prosperity: Aquaculture in Timor-Leste set to grow after 10 years of development 

      Bevitt, K. (2019)
      Type: Blog
      Efforts by WorldFish, development partners and the government to develop aquaculture in Timor-Leste over the last 10 years have shown success, laying the way for the sector’s continued growth to combat poverty and malnutrition.
    • Promotion of safe fish through traceable production system 

      Bhuiyan, M. (2021)
      Type: Internal Report
      Project reported submitted by Parmeeda on “Promotion of Safe fish through traceable production system”. The project targets to implement Good Aquaculture Practice (GAP) at farmers level, introduce traceability system ...
    • A review of aquafeed business models and the feed value chain in Zambia and Malawi 

      Mwema, C.M.; Mudege, N.; Lundeba, M.; Nankwenya, B.; Kakwasha, K.; Phiri, M.; Komugisha, B.; Siamudaala, V.; Catherine Mawia Mwema: 0000-0001-8015-5747; Netsayi Mudege: 0000-0002-0389-1967; Mary Lundeba: 0000-0001-8274-0800; Keagan Kakwasha: 0000-0003-4251-7449; Basiita Rose Komugisha: 0000-0002-7257-0286 (2021)
      Type: Internal Report
      Over the last decade, the aquaculture sector in Zambia and Malawi has tremendously grown. The availability of commercial feed companies producing complete commercial feed diets in Zambia has been one of the key factors ...