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    • Genetic relationships among founders of a silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) genetic improvement program in Bangladesh 

      Hamilton, M.G.; Mekkawy, W.; Barman, B.K.; Alam, M.; Karim, M.; Benzie, J.; Matthew Gray Hamilton: 0000-0001-8098-8845; Wagdy Mekkawy: 0000-0002-3991-7321; Benoy Kumar Barman: 0000-0003-0554-2207; Md. Badrul Alam: 0000-0002-7079-4358; Manjurul Karim: 0000-0003-4280-3568; John Benzie: 0000-0001-9599-8683
      Type: Journal Article
      Silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) is an important aquaculture species in Bangladesh and globally. Multiple introductions have been made of this exotic species to Bangladesh since 1969. Accordingly, the genetic ...
    • Maximum likelihood parentage assignment using quantitative genotypes 

      Hamilton, M.G.; Matthew Gray Hamilton: 0000-0001-8098-8845 (2021)
      Type: Journal Article
      The cost of parentage assignment precludes its application in many selective breeding programs and molecular ecology studies, and/or limits the circumstances or number of individuals to which it is applied. Pooling samples ...