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    • Decentralised Nile tilapia seed production 

      Little, D.C.; Barman, B.K.; Haque, M.M.; Abdul Wahab, M.; Benoy Kumar Barman: 0000-0003-0554-2207 (2007)
      Type: Book Chapter
      Local production of mixed sex Nile tilapia in irrigated rice fields has been introduced, established and then spread through farmer-to farmer contact in Northwest Bangladesh benefiting poor households in a number of ways. ...
    • Livelihood Impacts of ponds in Asia - opportunities and constraints 

      Little D.C.; Karim, M.; Turongruang D.; Morales E.J.; Murray, F.J.; Barman, B.K.; Haque, M.M.; Kundu, N.; Belton, B.; Faruzue, G.; Azim, E.M.; Islam,F.U.; Pollock,L.; Verdegem, M.C.J; Young,J.A.; Leschen,W.; Abdul Wahab, M.; Benoy Kumar Barman: 0000-0003-0554-2207 (2007)
      Type: Book Chapter
      Ponds are traditional multipurpose resources accessed by households and communities, and are increasingly beingprioritised for aquaculture. High consumption of aquatic animals and declines in natural stocks has stimulated ...
    • Reimagining large-scale open-water fisheries governance through adaptive comanagement in hilsa shad sanctuaries 

      van Brakel, M.L.; Nahiduzzaman, M.; Mahfuzul Haque, A.; Golam Mustafa, M.; Jalilur Rahman, M.; Abdul Wahab, M.; A.B.M. Haque: 0000-0002-5334-5630; Nahiduzzaman Md: 0000-0002-5152-992X; Mohammad Rahman: 0000-0003-4090-7339 (2018)
      Type: Journal Article
      Almost a half million fishers in Bangladesh are predominantly reliant on the hilsa shad (Tenualosa ilisha) fishery in the Meghna River and estuarine ecosystem. This paper adopts a broadened concept of social-ecological ...