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    • Current status of aquaculture in the Pacific Islands 

      Adams, T.; Bell, J.; Labrosse, P. (2001)
      Type: Conference Paper
      Compared with fishing, aquaculture is currently of little commercial significance to the Pacific Islands, with one important exception, black pearl farming, which is virtually confined to eastern Polynesia. Elsewhere in ...
    • Length-weight relationship of fishes from coral reefs and lagoons of New Caledonia: an update 

      Letourneur, Y.; Kulbicki, M.; Labrosse, P. (1998)
      Type: Journal Article
      Length-weight relationships of 316 reef and lagoon fish from New Caledonia (SW Pacific Ocean) belonging to 68 families are computed. A total of 43,750 individuals was used for this purpose. Fish were sampled by different ...