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    • Inequality and the Biosphere 

      Hamann, M.; Berry, K.; Chaigneau, T.; Curry, T.; Heilmayr, R.; Henriksson, P.J.G.; Hentati-Sundberg, J.; Jina, J.A.; Lindkvist, E.; Lopez-Maldonado, Y.; Nieminen, E.; Piaggio, M.; Qiu, J.X.; Rocha, J.C.; Schill, C.; Shepon, A.; Tilman, A.R.; van den Bijga, I.; Wu, T. (2018)
      Type: Journal Article
      Rising inequalities and accelerating global environmental change pose two of the most pressing challenges of the twenty-first century. To explore how these phenomena are linked, we apply a social-ecological systems perspective ...