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    • Genetics of adaptation in rainbow trout: a multi disciplinary approach 

      Dupont-Nivet, M.; Prunet, P.; Bégout, M.L.; Pellegrini, P.; Khaw, H.L.; Millot, S.; Péan, S.; Aupérin, B.; Valotaire, C.; Rolland, J.; Kerneis, T.; Goardon, L.; Quillet, E. (2010)
      Type: Conference Paper
      Ability of fish to adapt to changing environments and stressors is a key trait for breeders, especially when they sell eggs or young fish all over the world. So far, this ability has not been introduced in any breeding ...
    • Improving feed efficiency in fish using selective breeding: A review 

      de Verdal, H.; Komen, H.; Quillet, E.; Chatain, B.; Allal, F.; Benzie, J.A.; Vandeputte, M. (2017)
      Type: Journal Article
      Improving feed efficiency (FE) is key to reducing production costs in aquaculture and to achieving sustainability for the aquaculture industry. Feed costs account for 30-70% of total production costs in aquaculture; much ...