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    • Protecting small-scale farmers: a reality within a globalized economy? 

      Subasinghe, R.; Ahmad, I.; Kassam, L.; Krishnan, S.; Nyandat, B.; Padiyar, A.; Phillips, M.; Reantaso, M.; Miao, W.; Yamamoto, K.; Michael Phillips: 0000-0002-0282-0286 (2012)
      Type: Conference Paper
      Aquaculture is still the fastest-growing food-producing sector and plays an important role in enhancing global food security and alleviating poverty. Tens of millions of people are engaged in aquaculture production, the ...
    • Review of environmental impact assessment and monitoring in aquaculture in Asia-Pacific 

      Phillips, M.J.; Enyuan, F.; Gavine, F.; Hooi, T.K.; Kutty, M.N.; Lopez, N.A.; Mungkung, R.; Nagan, T.T.; White, P.G.; Yamamoto, K.; Yokoyama, H.; Michael Phillips: 0000-0002-0282-0286 (2009)
      Type: Book Chapter
      This review is prepared as part of the FAO Project “Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and monitoring in aquaculture”. The review provides a compilation, review and synthesis of existing EIA and environmental monitoring ...