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    • Preliminary analysis of demersal fish assemblages in coastal waters of the Gulf of Thailand 

      Narongsak Khongchai; Somchai Vibunpant; Eiamsa-Ard, M.; Mala Supongpan (2003)
      Type: Book Chapter
      The 1995 trawl data of the research vessels Pramong 2 and 9 in the Gulf of Thailand were analyzed using TWINSPAN and DCA. Four main station clusters were identified related to geographic location and depth. Two clusters ...
    • Trophic model of the coastal fisheries ecosystem in the Gulf of Thailand 

      Somchai Vibunpant; Narongsak Khongchai; Jarupa Seng-eid; Monton Eiamsa-ard; Mala Supongpan (2003)
      Type: Book Chapter
      The biomass of 40 ecological groups, the diet composition of prey and predators, production/biomass (P/B) and consumption/biomass (Q/B) ratios, and catches were used as basic input to parameterize an Ecopath model of the ...