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    • Blind spots in visions of a ‘‘blue economy’’ could undermine the ocean’s contribution to eliminating hunger and malnutrition 

      Farmery, A.; Allison, E.; Andrew, N.L.; Troell, M.; Voyer, M.; Campbell, B.; Eriksson, H.; Fabinyi, M.; Song, A.; Steenbergen, D.; Hampus Eriksson: 0000-0003-1199-6889 (2021)
      Type: Journal Article
      Increasing the production of food from the ocean is seen as a pathway toward more sustainable and healthier human diets. Yet this potential is being overshadowed by competing uses of ocean resources in an acceler- ating ...
    • Fisheries 

      Wahab, M.A.; Rahman, M.J.; Mohammad Jalilur Rahman: 0000-0003-4090-7339 (2020)
      Type: Book Chapter
      The Bay of Bengal and adjoining Andaman Sea comprise a massive maritime area covering nearly 3 million square kilometers, a space larger than the land area of India. This “Greater Bay of Bengal” region is also immense and ...