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    • Fish for whom?: Integrating the management of social complexities into technical investments for inclusive, multi-functional irrigation 

      Duncan, N.; De Silva, S.; Conallin, J.C.; Freed, S.; Akester, M.J.; Baumgartner, L.J.; McCartney, M.; Dubois, M.; Senaratna Sellamuttu, S.; Sarah Freed: 0000-0001-8574-8218; Michael Joseph Akester: 0000-0001-6526-1613; Matthew McCartney: 0000-0001-6342-2815; Mark Dubois: 0000-0002-8092-6465
      Type: Journal Article
      Irrigation represents a long-standing water sector investment in South East Asia. However, despite the undeni-able benefits of food production, an irrigation/rice-centric strategy is insufficient in a multi-dimensional ...