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    • Strengthening small-scale fisheries for food and nutrition security, human well-being and environmental health in Zambia 

      Kakwasha, K.; Simmance, F.; Cohen, P.J.; Muzungaire, L.; Phiri, H.; Mbewe, M.; Mutanuka, E.; Nankwenya, B.; Wesana, J.; Byrd, K.A.; Pincus, L.; de Bruyn, J.; Chan, C.; Mills, D.J.; Siamudaala, V.; Keagan Kakwasha: 0000-0003-4251-7449; Fiona Simmance: 0000-0001-9505-0198; Philippa Jane Cohen: 0000-0002-9987-1943; Joshua Wesana: 0000-0003-1970-6241; Kendra A Byrd: 0000-0003-4528-752X; Lauren Pincus: 0000-0002-8883-7264; Chin Yee Chan: 0000-0001-8615-2678; David Jonathan Mills: 0000-0003-0181-843X (2020)
      Type: Brief
      Zambia is rich in aquatic resources with 15 million ha of water in the form of rivers, lakes and swamps. These water bodies support diverse and widespread capture fisheries, particularly small-scale fisheries (SSF) that ...