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    • The impact of COVID-19 on the aquaculture value chain 

      Kabir, K. (2020)
      Type: Brief
      The COVID-19 crisis has been a shock to the aquaculture value chain in Bangladesh. More than five million households across Bangladesh depend on aquaculture production for their daily livelihoods, and fish is an accessible ...
    • Key indicators for monitoring food system disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic: Insights from Bangladesh towards effective response 

      Amjath-Babu, T.S.; Krupnik, T.J.; Thilsted, S.; McDonald, A.J. (2020)
      Type: Journal Article
      In the context of developing countries, early evidence suggests that the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on food production systems is complex, heterogenous, and dynamic. As such, robust monitoring of the impact of the ...
    • Nutrition and COVID-19 

      Rizaldo, Q.; Karim, M.; Manjurul Karim: 0000-0003-4280-3568 (2020)
      Type: Brochure
      This document captures the information on basic nutrition available to consume fish, vegetables, and other nutritious food. It demonstrates that how less intake of nutrition leads to the malnutrition. Furthermore, the ...
    • Nutrition and COVID-19 (Burmese version) 

      Rizaldo, Q.; Aung, L.T. (2020)
      Type: Brochure
      The pamphlete provides the information about the Nutirtion and COVID 19 information to the beneficaries in their local language.