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    • Effects of COVID-19 on fish value chains: Descriptive Evidence from India 

      Loison, S.A.; Shikuku, K.M.; Mohan, A.B.; Babu, R.; Belton, B.; Kelvin Mashisia Shikuku: 0000-0003-2290-074X
      Type: Internal Report
      The COVID-19 pandemic which started at the beginning of 2020 has affected economies of many countries, including India where the government implemented containments measures such as lockdown regulations and curfews to curb ...
    • Loss and waste in fish value chains: A review of the evidence from low and middle-income countries 

      Kruijssen, F.; Tedesco, I.; Ward, A.; Pincus, L.; Love, D.; Thorne-Lyman, A.; Lauren Pincus: 0000-0002-8883-7264 (2020)
      Type: Journal Article
      This paper reviews the literature assessing fish waste and loss in low- and middle-income countries. We find significant variation in estimates of loss in different parts of the value chain, due in part to the diversity ...