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    • Impacts of COVID-19 on aquatic food supply chains in Odisha, India February - July 2020 

      Shieh, J.; Baliarsingh, B.K.; Das, S.R.; Mohanty, B.; Nayak, K.; Palita, N.; Sahoo, M.; Sahoo, S.; Shenoy, N.; Panemangalore, A.P.; Ghazali, S.B.; Dhar, G.; Middleton, L.; Belton, B.; Arun Padiyar Panemangalore: 0000-0002-5271-8642; Saadiah binti Ghazali: 0000-0001-9796-6159 (2020)
      Type: Report
      We conducted a monthly phone survey with fish supply chain actors in Odisha to assess the impacts of COVID-19 on the availability and price of aquatic foods and production inputs. Respondents answered questions about their ...