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    • Building adaptive capacity to climate change in tropical coastal communities 

      Cinner, J.E.; Adger, W.N.; Allison, E.H.; Barnes, M.L.; Brown, K.; Cohen, P.J.; Gelcich, S.; Hicks, C.C.; Hughes, T.P.; Lau, J.; Marshall, N.A.; Morrison, T.H.; Philippa Cohen: 0000-0002-9987-1943 (2018)
      Type: Journal Article
      To minimize the impacts of climate change on human wellbeing, governments, development agencies, and civil society organizations have made substantial investments in improving people’s capacity to adapt to change. Yet to ...
    • Climate change and capture fisheries: potential impacts, adaptation and mitigation 

      Daw, T.; Adger, W.N.; Brown, K.; Badjeck, M.C. (2009)
      Type: Report
      The paper tackles the consequences of climate change impacts on fisheries and their dependent communities. It analyses the exposure, sensitivity and vulnerability of fisheries to climate change and presents examples of ...
    • Limits to resilience from livelihood diversification and social capital in lake social-ecological systems 

      Goulden, M.C.; Adger, W.N.; Allison, E.H.; Conway, D. (2013)
      Type: Journal Article
      Diversity of both social networks and livelihood sources plays a central role in determining the sustainability of natural resource use and resilience of social–ecological systems, not least in resource-dependent economies. ...
    • Vulnerability of national economies to the impacts of climate change on fisheries 

      Allison, E.H.; Perry, A.L.; Badjeck, M.C.; Adger, W.N.; Brown, K.; Conway, D.; Halls, A.S.; Pilling, G.M.; Reynolds, J.D.; Andrew, N.L.; Dulvy, N.K. (2009)
      Type: Journal Article
      Anthropogenic global warming has significantly influenced physical and biological processes at global and regional scales. The observed and anticipated changes in global climate present significant opportunities and ...