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    • Attributes of climate resilience in fisheries: From theory to practice 

      Mason, J.; Eurich, J.J.; Lau, J.; Battista, W.; Free, C.; Mills, K.E.; Tokunaga, K.; Zhao, L.Z.; Dickey-Collas, M.; Valle, M.; Pecl, G.; Cinner, J.; McClanahan, T.; Allison, E.; Friedman, W.R.; Silva, C.; Yáñez, E.; Barbieri, M.A.; Kleisner, K.; Jacqueline Lau: 0000-0002-0403-8423 (2022)
      Type: Journal Article
      In a changing climate, there is an imperative to build coupled social-ecological systems—including fisheries—that can withstand or adapt to climate stressors. Although resilience theory identifies system attributes that ...