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    • Women in fisheries in Asia 

      Siason, I.; Tech, E.; Matics, K.I.; Choo, P.S.; Shariff, M.; Heruwati, E.S.; Susilowati, T.; Miki, N.; Shelly, A.B.; Rajabharshi, K.G.; Ranjit, R.; Siriwardena, P.P.G.N.; Nandeesha, M.C.; Sunderarajan, M. (2002)
      Type: Conference Paper
      The paper will present a picture of the situation and role of women in fisheries in the Asian region. Country/sub-Asia regional profiles of women in fisheries are expected from clusters in: South Asia (to include India, ...
    • Women in fisheries in Latin America 

      Pereira, G. (2002)
      Type: Conference Paper
      Latin American governments are not sufficiently aware of the problems of women in fisheries. Therefore, they have not invested sufficient human or financial resources to respond to the needs of women in fisheries. In cases ...
    • Making each and every African fisher count: women do fish 

      Williams, S.B. (2002)
      Type: Conference Paper
      For many officials working in development, documenting issues of particular concern to women is nothing new. These officials believe that these issues reflect women's demands for equality as well as the influence of feminist ...
    • Global Symposium on Women in Fisheries 

      Williams, M.J.; Chao, N.H.; Choo, P.S.; Matics, K.; Nandeesha, M.C.; Shariff, M.; Siason, I.; Tech, E.; Wong, J.M.C. (eds.) (2002)
      Type: Conference Proceedings
      All over the world, women contribute in multiple ways to the production, processing, marketing and management of fish and other living aquatic resources. The first ever Global Symposium on Women in Fisheries, held in ...
    • Alternative livelihoods in a coastal village 

      Asong, R.H.; Mabunay, Ma. L.; Aure, D.; Seraspe, E.; Braganza, R.; Corda, D.E. (2002)
      Type: Conference Paper
      This study presents a gendered case study of landless and low-income dwellers in a coastal community whose lives depend not only on fishing but a variety of income-generating activities. It looks into the possibilities of ...
    • Perspectives on women in fisheries in north America 

      Howell, L.A. (2002)
      Type: Conference Paper
      Women in the fisheries in the United States have varied roles. They range from the most traditional - that of a fisherman's wife and support-partner in his business - to that of scientists and researchers in fisheries-related ...
    • Women-led fisheries management - a case study from Bangladesh 

      Sultana, P.; Thompson, P.M.; Ahmed, M. (2002)
      Type: Conference Paper
      Although women constitute 50% of the total population of Bangladesh, only 18% are economically involved in the total labor force. They are involved in diversified work within their homesteads. However, during times of ...
    • Responding to globalization trends in fisheries: assets of professional Taiwanese women 

      Chao, N.H.; Chang, C.F.; Chang, E.Y. (2002)
      Type: Conference Paper
      Globalization is an inevitable trend in Taiwan. The investment in human resources has increased over the last three decades, yielding a large pool of professionals, including women. Women became competitive professionals ...
    • From women in fisheries to gender and fisheries 

      Williams, M.J.; Williams, S.B.; Choo, P.S. (2002)
      Type: Conference Paper
      This paper traces the sequence of events leading to the involvement of the Asian Fisheries Society and ICLARM The World Fish Center, in the Women in Fisheries program and to the move towards Gender and Fisheries initiatives. ...
    • Women in fisheries activities of the Asian Fisheries Society - have they been able to make an impact? 

      Nandeesha, M.C.; Tech, E. (2002)
      Type: Conference Paper
      The initiative of the Partnership for Development in Kampuchea (PADEK), in organizing a National Symposium on Women in Fisheries in Cambodia in 1994, received overwhelming support from the Government of Cambodia. This ...
    • An overview of the involvement of women in fisheries activities in Oceania 

      Lambeth, L.; Hanchard, B.; Aslin, H.; Fay-Sauni, L.; Tuara, P.; Rochers, K.D.; Vunisea, A. (2002)
      Type: Conference Paper
      In the Pacific Islands, an estimation of 70 to 80% of the catch from inshore fisheries is used for subsistence purposes. It is uncertain what percentage of that is taken by women, although a recent study in Samoa found ...
    • Women and gender participation in the fisheries sector in Lake Victoria 

      Medard, M.; Sobo, F.; Ngatunga, T.; Chirwa, S. (2002)
      Type: Conference Paper
      The paper starts with an analysis of the gender roles of women in the fisheries sector. These roles are recognized inthree stages of production: fishing, processing and marketing. Further, the paper looks at the impacts ...
    • Women in aquaculture: initiatives of Caritas Bangladesh 

      Shelly, A.B.; Costa, M.D. (2002)
      Type: Conference Paper
      In Bangladesh, women have proven to be competent in adopting aquaculture technologies, despite the fact that their role in aquaculture growth has not been sufficiently recognized and remains inadequately addressed. To ...
    • Women's unpaid labor in the small scale fisheries sector in Malaysia 

      Choo, P.S. (2004)
      Type: Report
      Recent studies have shown that women are actively involved in the small scale fisheries sector in Malaysia working very often without pay in the family businesses. Activities carried out by women include small-scale fish ...
    • Women in the December 26 Tsunami: how have they coped; how can we help? 

      Choo, P.S. (2005)
      Type: Journal Article
      Fishing communities around the Indian Ocean were severely affected by the December 2004 tsunamis. Programs for rebuilding coastal fisheries livelihoods need to address the pre-tsunami situation that was characterized by ...
    • Changing traditions: first global look at the gender dimensions of fisheries 

      Williams, M.J.; Nandeesha, M.C.; Choo, P.S. (2005)
      Type: Journal Article
      The Asian Fisheries Society and the WorldFish Center conducted the first ever Global Symposium on Gender and Fisheries in Penang, Malaysia, from 30 November to 4 December 2004. The two-day Symposium, held in conjunction ...
    • Changing traditions : a summary report on the first global look at the gender dimensions of fisheries 

      Williams, M.J.; Nandeesha, M.C.; Choo, P.S. (2006)
      Type: Conference Paper
      The symposium provided new views and insights, and the open discussion at the end settled on four principal directions for future action: to investigate in depth the economic contributions of all segments of fishing ...
    • Diversification of aquaculture for empowerment to fisheries through institution village linkage programme (IVLP) in Kerala, India 

      Sathiadhas, R.; Joseph, J.; Jerson, S. (2006)
      Type: Journal Article
      Technology Assessment and Refinement through the Institution Village Linkage Programme (IVLP) is the latest participatory extension model successfully undertaken by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in India. The ...
    • Global Symposium on Gender and Fisheries : Seventh Asian Fisheries Forum, 1-2 December 2004, Penang, Malaysia 

      Choo, Poh-Sze (ed.); Hall, S.J. (ed.); William, M.J. (ed.) (2006)
      Type: Conference Proceedings
      The 18 papers contained in this volume represent a substantive contribution to the literature on the topic of gender and fisheries. Drawing on work undertaken around the globe, the results described here confirm and extend ...
    • Fishing for a future : women in community based fisheries management 

      The WorldFish Center (2007)
      Type: Brochure
      This is the story of women in the Community Based Fisheries Management (CBFM) project in Bangladesh. It is the story of many women, who through CBFM, have improved and will continue to improve the livelihood of their family. ...