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    • A synthesis of convergent reflections, tensions and silences in linking gender and global environmental change research 

      Iniesta-Arandia, I.; Ravera, F.; Buechler, S.; Díaz-Reviriego, I.; Fernández-Giménez, M; Reed, M.G.; Thompson-Hall, M.; Wilmer, H.; Aregu, L.; Cohen, P.; Djoudi, H.; Lawless, S.; Martín-López, B; Smucker, T.; Villamor, G.B.; Wangui, E.E.; Philippa Cohen: 0000-0002-9987-1943 (2016)
      Type: Journal Article
      This synthesis article joins the authors of the special issue "Gender perspectives in resilience, vulnerability and adaptation to global environmental change" in a common reflective dialogue about the main contributions ...
    • Gender in Myanmar’s small-scale aquaculture sector 

      Aregu, L.; Rajaratnam, S.; McDougall, C.; Johnstone, G.; Wah, Z.Z.; Nwe, K.M.; Akester, M.; Grantham, R.; Karim, M. (2017)
      Type: Brief
      WorldFish’s objective for Myanmar’s MYCulture program is to improve food and income security in the country’s Ayeyarwady Delta and Central Dry Zone regions through the development of small-scale aquaculture To ensure maximum ...
    • Gender norms and agricultural innovation: Insights from six villages in Bangladesh 

      Aregu, L.; Choudhury, A.; Rajaratnam, S.; Locke, C.; McDougall, M.; Afrina Choudhury: 0000-0003-1734-6238 (2018)
      Type: Journal Article
      The ability of development interventions to catalyse and support innovation for—and by— women and men is undermined by lack of specific understanding about how gender norms interact with gender relations and what this means ...
    • The impact of gender blindness on social-ecological resilience: The case of a communal pasture in the highlands of Ethiopia 

      Aregu, L.; Darnhofer, I.; Tegegne, A.; Hoekstra, D.; Wurzinger, M. (2016)
      Type: Journal Article
      The authors studied how the failure to take into account gendered roles in the management of a communal pasture in the highlands of Ethiopia can affect the resilience of this social-ecological system. This paper integrates ...