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    • Toward structural change: Gender transformative approaches 

      McDougall, C.; Badstue, L.; Mulema, A.; Fischer, G.; Najjar, D.; Pyburn, R.; Elias, M.; Joshi, D.; Vos, A.; Cynthia McDougall: 0000-0002-5606-6813; Annet Mulema: 0000-0003-4192-3939; Gundula Fischer: 0000-0002-7658-786X; Dina Najjar: 0000-0001-9156-7691; Marlene Elias: 0000-0001-8835-5348 (2021)
      Type: Book Chapter
      Almost a quarter of a century after the Beijing Declaration, and with 10 years left to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, The Guardian announced the SDG Gender Index’s finding that, “Not one single country is set to ...