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    • 2021 World Food Prize Laureate 

      Huso, D.; Doina Huso: 0000-0002-4477-2593
      Type: Website
      Dr. Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted, native of Trinidad and Tobago and a citizen of Denmark, received the 2021 World Food Prize for her groundbreaking research, critical insights and landmark innovations in developing ...
    • African women join forces to overcome COVID-19 challenges in aquatic food systems 

      O'Leary, M.
      Type: Blog
      Across Africa, women working in aquatic food value chains are banding together to support their livelihoods and ensure the continued flow of fish despite COVID-19 lockdowns and disruptions.
    • COVID-19 impacts on women fish processors and traders in sub-Saharan Africa 

      Drew, L.; Taylor, E.; Walter, C.; Cohen, P.J.; Hicks, C.; Patel, A.E.; McDougall, C.; Phillips, M.J.; Philippa Jane Cohen: 0000-0002-9987-1943; Cynthia McDougall: 0000-0002-5606-6813; Michael John Phillips: 0000-0002-0282-0286 (2021)
      Type: Video
      Footage of african women fish traders and processors, telling their story about the impacts of Covid-19 on them, their families and their businesses. This video - produced by On Our Radar, WorldFish and University of ...
    • COVID-19 impacts on women fish processors and traders in sub-Saharan Africa: 10 recommendations for building forward better 

      McDougall, C.; Marwaha, N.; Atkins, M.; Cohen, P.J.; Patel, A.E.; Beyene, B.A.; Goreth, V.; Hammad, S.; Kobusingye, L.; Lukanga, E.; Maisha, P.; Mkumbo, A.; Mountsoueke, J.P.; Njeri, S.; Nyendwa, K.; Yerina, A.; Phillips, M.J.; Cynthia McDougall: 0000-0002-5606-6813; Nisha Marwaha: 0000-0001-9822-4085; Philippa Jane Cohen: 0000-0002-9987-1943; Michael John Phillips: 0000-0002-0282-0286 (2021)
      Type: Brief
      Women participate in all parts of fish food systems but are most visible in post-harvest processing and trade of fish. More than 90 percent of women in the African fisheries and aquaculture sector earn their livelihoods ...
    • Four pathways to achieve gender equality and women’s empowerment in small-scale fisheries and aquaculture: Insights from FISH research 

      Adam, R.; McDougall, C.; Bevitt, K.; Freed, S.; Gomese, C.; Johnson, A.; Lau, J.; Mudege, N.; Muzungaire, L.; Rajaratnam, S.; Ride, A.; Yasmin, S.; Zaman, T.; Cynthia McDougall: 0000-0002-5606-6813; Sarah Freed: 0000-0001-8574-8218; Jacqueline Lau: 0000-0002-0403-8423; Netsayi Mudege: 0000-0002-0389-1967 (2022)
      Type: Report
      This technical report aims to expound on the constraints and opportunities faced by women, men, marginalized poor and youths whose livelihoods depend on aquatic food systems. To address this, the report uses case studies ...
    • GAF Section Newsletter. Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries Section of the Asian Fisheries Society 

      Rajaratnam, S. (2022)
      Type: Newsletter
      The GAF Section Newsletter presents the society member's engagement in online events, research and other relevant updates. It includes stories from major events for 2020 and 2021.
    • Gender Transformative Approaches - collection page 

      Patel, A.E.; McDougall, C.; Cynthia McDougall: 0000-0002-5606-6813 (2021)
      Type: Website
      Gender Transformative Approaches collection on the CGIAR Gender platform page - This is a collection of existing gender-transformative approaches, tools, manuals and publications, curated by the CGIAR Research Program on FISH.
    • Gender-inclusive innovations for aquatic food systems transformation 

      Hossain, P.R.; Peerzadi Rumana Hossain: 0000-0002-1125-284X (2022)
      Type: Presentation
      Bangladesh is a highly vulnerable country to climate change, variability and extremes. Seasonal signature of extreme heat, heavy and mean precipitation changes, floods and cyclones are few among the challenges. These are ...
    • Gendered aquaculture value chain analysis and development: An analytical framework. 

      Kruijssen, F.; Danielsen, K.; Newton, J.; Braaten, Y. (2022)
      Type: Manual
      Gendered aquaculture value chain analysis is a tool that supports the process of understanding the different realities that women, youths, minorities, small-scale actors and other disadvantaged groups face, not only in ...
    • In the Spotlight: Rahma Adam 

      Lee, K. (2021)
      Type: Blog
      WorldFish researcher Rahma Adam explains how her work can lead to policies that can change existing formal and informal structures. Policies that are more sensitive and attentive to the needs of women and marginalized ...
    • In the Spotlight: Sajeda Yasmin 

      McMahon, K.; O'Leary, M. (2021)
      Type: Blog
      WorldFish researcher Sajeda Yasmin discusses her efforts to make aquaculture more gender-inclusive in Bangladesh.
    • In the Spotlight: Tasnuva Zaman 

      O'Leary, M.; Mohd Khalid, A.
      Type: Blog
      Tasnuva Zaman is WorldFish's senior gender specialist based in Bangladesh. Zaman's research focuses on gender mainstreaming, which calls for an integrated gender perspective at all stages of development, and she works to ...
    • Women in Nutrition and Aquaculture in Bangladesh 

      Ahmed, M. (2021)
      Type: Video
      WorldFish's initiative to increase women's empowerment through small fish production in Bangladesh's northern provinces of Rangpur and Rajshahi was featured on Colours FM 101.6 radio show Women in Aquaculture and Nutrition.
    • Women's Empowerment in Fisheries and Aquaculture Index (WEFI): Guidance Notes (Video) 

      Kruijssen, F.; Sproule, K. (2022)
      Type: Video
      This video provides a good overview of the Women's Empowerment in Fisheries and Aquaculture Index (WEFI) methodology and tools to use to carry out the research. WEFI measures the empowerment, agency and inclusion of women ...