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    • COP27 Communications Toolkit, Worldfish 

      Lim, F.; Florine Lim: 0000-0002-9380-4993 (2022)
      Type: Manual
      Marine and freshwater resources provide millions of impoverished people across the world with livelihoods and a range of critical ecosystem services. Aquatic food systems are unique and complex, transcending long distances ...
    • WorldFish at COP27: Transforming climate-resilient aquatic food systems for shared prosperity 

      Lim, F.; Florine Lim: 0000-0002-9380-4993 (2022)
      Type: Brochure
      Aquatic food systems are integral to building healthy and resilient communities worldwide. They offer an irreplaceable – and at times the most affordable – source of micronutrients, essential fatty acids and high-quality ...