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    • Facilitating integrated coastal management in Indonesia 2001-2003: final report: case studies 

      The WorldFish Center (2004)
      Type: Report
      This document contains the compiled lessons, experiences and the impacts of the Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) training course developed for the kecamatan of Indonesia presented through the case studies of our Indonesian ...
    • Facilitating integrated coastal management in Vietnam: final report 

      The WorldFish Center (2004)
      Type: Report
      Viet Nam's marine and coastal area extends over 1.5 million hectares with an Exclusive Economic Zone of about 1 million square kilometers. It also has 4,000 offshore islands mainly in the Gulf of Tonkin and various important ...
    • Factors influencing adaptive marine governance in a developing country context: a case study of Southern Kenya 

      Evans, L.S.; Brown, K.; Allison, E.H. (2011)
      Type: Journal Article
      Adaptive governance can be conceptualized as distinct phases of: 1) understanding environmental change; 2) using this understanding to inform decision making; and 3) acting on decisions in a manner that sustains resilience ...
    • Factors influencing cultivation of the Lilongwe and Linthipe River Banks ni Malawi: a case study of Salima District 

      Zidana, A.; Kaunda, E.; Phiri, A.; Khalil-Edriss, A.; Matiya, G.; Jamu, D. (2007)
      Type: Journal Article
      The study was conducted to investigate factors that influence farmers to cultivate along the river banks in Salima District, in the Central Region of Malawi. Using logit analysis the study revealed that household size, ...
    • Factors influencing fish prices in Southern Malawi 

      Brummett, R.E. (2000)
      Type: Journal Article
      Nine markets in the Southern Region of Malawi were studied. The prices of 79 separate purchases were compared for market type, species, form of preservation, total length, distance of retail market from the capture fishery ...
    • Farmer participatory procedures for managing and monitoring sustainable farming systems 

      Lightfoot, C.; Dalsgaard, J.P.T.; Bimbao, M.A. (1993)
      Type: Journal Article
      This paper aims to devise a farmer participatory method that not only improves farmer management of natural resources, but also monitors the impact of improvements. This assessment is made in terms of: economic efficiency, ...
    • Feasibility of shrimp culture in Brunei Darussalam 

      Dela Cruz, C.R. (1987)
      Type: Report
      The US-ASEAN Coastal Resources Management Project Team assessed the feasibility of brackish pond aquaculture development in Brunei. More than 2000 ha are identified as high priority sites for fishfarm development. Designs ...
    • Feedbacks as a bridging concept for advancing transdisciplinary sustainability research 

      Blythe, J.; Nash, K.; Yates, J.; Cumming, G. (2017)
      Type: Journal Article
      The emergence of transformation as a core component in sustainability science and practice has opened an exciting space for transdisciplinary research. Yet, the mainstreaming of transformation has also exposed epistemological ...
    • Figments of fire and forest: Shifting cultivation policy in the Philippines and Indonesia 

      Van de Ploeg, J.; Persoon, G. (2017)
      Type: Book Chapter
      Shifting cultivation supports around 200 million people in the Asia-Pacific region alone. It is often regarded as a primitive and inefficient form of agriculture that destroys forests, causes soil erosion and robs lowland ...
    • Final stages of WorldFish-SPC sea cucumber project 

      Purcell, S.W. (2005)
      Type: Journal Article
      A joint WorldFish - Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) project to restore to productive levels the breeding populations of sea cucumber, using the sandfish (Holothuria scabra) as the focal species, is in its final ...
    • Fish and the poor 

      Arthur, R.; Sheriff, N. (2008)
      Type: Book Chapter
      To effectively improve fisheries management for the benefit of the poor, this paper argues that management approaches must address the inherent complexity and heterogeneity found in fisheries, and the differing needs of ...
    • Fish biodiversity research in the Mekong Basin 

      Baran, E.; Chum, N.; Fukushima, M.; Hand, T.; Hortle, K.G.; Jutagate, T.; Kang, B. (2012)
      Type: Book Chapter
      The Mekong River is one of the great rivers of the world and is characterized by high fish biodiversity. A number of organizations are working at observing and protecting aquatic biodiversity in this hotspot of global ...
    • Fish consumption and food security : a disaggregated analysis by types of fish and classes of consumers in selected asian countries 

      Dey, M.M.; Rab, M.A.; Paraguas, F.J.; Somying Piumsombun; Bhatta, R.; Alam, M F.; Ahmed, M. (2005)
      Type: Journal Article
      This paper discusses fish consumption and preference patterns for fish species by income groups, and by urban/rural divide in Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. The analysis is ...
    • Fish in the tea 

      The World Fish Center (2002)
      Type: Book Chapter
      When the rains fail in Malawi, life gets really tough. But in the Thylo district, Friday Limited Nikoloma has discovered integrated agriculture and aquaculture. This allows him to produce more, and to keep his crops green ...
    • FISH ISC ToR Final 

      Phillips, Michael
      Type: Other
      Term of reference of the FISH CRP Independent Steering Committee (ISC)
    • Fish migration, dams, and loss of ecosystem services in the Mekong Basin 

      Dugan, P.J.; Barlow, C.; Agostinho, A.A.; Baran, E.; Cada, G.F.; Chen, D.Q.; Cowx, I.G.; Ferguson, J.W.; Jutagate, T.; Mallen-Cooper, M.; Marmulla, G.; Nestler, J.; Petrere, M.; Welcomme, R.L.; Winemiller, K.O. (2010)
      Type: Journal Article
      The past decade has seen increased international recognition of the importance of the services provided by natural ecosystems. It is unclear however whether such international awareness will lead to improved environmental ...
    • Fish population dynamics in tropical waters: a manual for use with programmable calculators 

      Pauly, D. (1984)
      Type: Working Paper
      This manual is a selection, from the entire field of fish population dynamics, of methods that are applicable totropical fish and fisheries and can be implemented with the help of programmable calculators. The methods ...
    • Fish resource and hydrobiological modelling approaches in the Mekong Basin 

      Baran, E.; Van Zalinge, N.; Ngor Peng Bun; Baird, I.; Coates, D. (2001)
      Type: Report
      This document summarises the outputs of a modelling approach of the relationships between hydrology and fisheries production in the Mekong River Basin. Environment (floodplains, wetlands and their vegetation) has also been ...
    • Fish: an issue for everyone - a concept paper for Fish for All 

      The World Fish Center (2002)
      Type: Brochure
      Fish for All is a global initiative that will create an informed inclusive public dialogue, shape a vision of the future of aquatic life, and contribute to food security and improved livelihoods for the poor in developing ...
    • FISH: Branding guidelines 

      Communications and Marketing, WorldFish (2019)
      Type: Other-Guideline
      This is a guide to the basic elements that make up the FISH brand. The brand is composed of CRP FISH messaging and visual elements, such as logo, colors, typefaces and photography. Adopting this guidelines will ensure ...