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    • The research site, data collection and methods of analysis 

      Smith, I.R.; Mines, A.N.; Beñacia, G. (1982)
      Type: Book Chapter
      Objectives, sampling and analytical methods and data collection methodology of an economic survey of the small-scale fishery of San Miguel Bay, Philippines, are discussed. The fishing community from which the majority of ...
    • A method to estimate the stock recruitment relationship of shrimps 

      Pauly, D. (1982)
      Type: Journal Article
      A procedure is proposed by which recruit numbers and parental biomass of shrimps stocks can be derived, given a series of catch per effort data and estimates of a few ancillary variables. In the Gulf of Thailand, shrimp ...
    • The fishes and their ecology 

      Pauly, D. (1982)
      Type: Report
      An annotated list of 188 species of fishes recorded from San Miguel Bay, Philippines is presented. Of these, 48% are euryhaline marine species. The most abundant fishes belong to marine species whose representatives are ...
    • The ICLARM Network of Tropical Fisheries Scientists 

      Munro, J.L.; Pauly, D. (1982)
      Type: Journal Article
      ICLARM is initiating the creation of an international Network of Tropical Fisheries Scientists to enhance communication between fisheries scientists working on aspects of management-oriented research. Basically, this would ...
    • Studying single-species dynamics in a tropical multispecies context 

      Pauly, D. (1982)
      Type: Book Chapter
      Some methods available for the study of the population dynamics of tropical fish are reviewed; emphasis is given to questions of growth, mortality and recruitment, and to relatively new approaches, such as aging by means ...
    • Ocean sciences in relation to living resources 

      Bakun, A.; Beyer, J.; Pauly, D.; Pope, J.G.; Sharp, G.D. (1982)
      Type: Journal Article
      A major new international research program of importance to fisheries is likely to be adopted later this year. Ocean Sciences in Relation to Living Resources, sponsored by FAO and IOC, a proposal concerning the relationship ...
    • Economic aspects of processing and marketing 

      Yater, F.; Esporlas, A.E.; Smith, I.R. (1982)
      Type: Book Chapter
      This paper examines the pricing efficiency and related economic aspects of fish processing and marketing in two communities of San Miguel Bay, Philippines. Salting, dried fish processing and marketing and fresh fish marketing ...
    • Costs and returns of stationary gears 

      Supanga, N.C.; Smith, I.R. (1982)
      Type: Book Chapter
      Costs and returns of three major stationary gears of Cabusao, San Miguel Bay, Philippines, are analysed. The gears discussed include fish corrals, liftnets and filter nets. Systems for allocation of fishing rights are ...
    • Aquatic weeds: both harmful and beneficial 

      Andam, C.J. (1983)
      Type: Journal Article
      This article takes a brief look at both the harmful and beneficial effects of aquatic weeds.
    • An Asian Fisheries Forum 

      Maclean, J.L. (1983)
      Type: Journal Article
      Planning is underway for regular con-ferences of Asian fisheries scientists. Given the present level of interest, an Asian Fisheries Society may be formed in the near future. Within Southeast Asia, there has often been ...
    • Application of length-based stock assessments to Kuwait's fish stocks 

      Morgan, G.R. (1983)
      Type: Journal Article
      This article examines the suitability of length-based methods for providing regular assessments of the stocks of the more important commercial fish species in Kuwait. To date, comparisons of age-based and length-based methods ...
    • Silliman University marine laboratory: a commitment to marine research 

      Khan, S.Z. (1983)
      Type: Journal Article
      An historical account of the establishment of the Silliman University Marine Laboratory is given in this article.
    • The ICLARM Fisheries Social Science Research Network 

      Lockwood, B. (1983)
      Type: Journal Article
      Recently, the parallel interests of ICLARM and the International Develop¬ment Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada came together in a joint decision to set up and fund the Fisheries Social Science Research Network. Both ICLARM ...
    • Some simple methods for the assessment of tropical fish stocks 

      Pauly, D. (1983)
      Type: Report
      This selection of methods is based on lecture notes used at a FAO/DANIDA training course held in Mombasa, Kenya, in May-June 1980. The methods presented are: regression and correlation, estimation of growth parameters from ...
    • A Japanese fishing joint venture: worker experience and national development in the Solomon Islands 

      Meltzoff, S.K.; LiPuma, E.S. (1983)
      Type: Report
      Development of marine resources, especially tuna, is the key to national development for many newly-independent states of the South Pacific. They have industrialized fishing through joint ventures-collaborations between ...
    • The role and impact of ICLARM 

      Neal, R.A.; Maclean, J.L. (1984)
      Type: Journal Article
      The International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (ICLARM) is a new, small research organization, working in fisheries and aquaculture in the developing countries. The Center has four programmes: (1) traditional ...
    • Recent developments in the methodology available for the assessment of exploited fish stocks of reservoirs 

      Pauly, D. (1984)
      Type: Book Chapter
      Recently developed fish stock assessment methods are briefly presented which could be used for the management of the fish stocks of African reservoirs. These methods include length-structured versions of Virtual Population ...
    • International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management: [brochure] 

      International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (1984)
      Type: Brochure
      A brochure on the aims and mission of ICLARM in 1984.
    • Effects of protective management on coral reefs in the Philippines 

      White, A. (1984)
      Type: Journal Article
      Details are given of a project undertaken in the central Philippines concerning various factors affecting coral reefsand the protective management of the coral reefs.
    • Early setback for scallop culture in Peru 

      Wolff, M. (1984)
      Type: Journal Article
      This article examines the scallop culture in Peru. The problems encountered by the industry is also given.