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    • Food security and the coral Triangle Initiative 

      Foale, S.; Adhuri, D.; Aliño, P.; Allison, E.H.; Andrew, N.; Cohen, P.; Evans, L.; Fabinyi, M.; Fidelman, P.; Gregory, C.; Stacey, N.; Tanzer, J.; Weeratunge, N. (2013)
      Type: Journal Article
      The Asia-Pacific's Coral Triangle is defined by its extremely high marine biodiversity. Over one hundred million people living in its coastal zones use this biodiversity to support their livelihoods. Hundreds of millions ...
    • Mangrove Rehabilitation in the West coast of Aceh - Issues and Perspectives 

      Kanagaratnam, U.; Schwarz, A.M.; Adhuri, D.; Dey, M.M. (2006)
      Type: Journal Article
      The condition of mangroves pre- and post- tsunami and the socioeconomic role of mangrove forests in the livelihoods of coastal communities along the west coast of Aceh province, Indonesia are examined. The findings indicate ...