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    • Economic policies and the sustainable development of coastal resources in the Philippines 

      Padilla, J.E.; De los Angeles, M.S. (1992)
      Type: Journal Article
      The link between environmental trends and economic policies is examined. The assessment of the past and present economic policies affecting the use of coastal resources in the Philippines showed that these policies have ...
    • Fishery resources accounting in the Philippines 

      Padilla, J.E. (1997)
      Type: Conference Paper
      The conventional system of national accounts does not recognize or include environmental or natural resource as inputs to production such that It responds poorly to changes in environmental and resource conditions. Also, ...
    • The economics of seaweed farming in the Philippines 

      Padilla, J.E.; Lampe, H.C. (1989)
      Type: Journal Article
      Developments in the seaweed farming industry in the Philippines are outlined. A large part of the coastline is ideal for seaweed farming; the 2 species of Eucheuma cultivated commercially are E. cottonii and E. spinosum . ...
    • The role of ICLARM on wetland protection, utilization and management 

      Padilla, J.E.; Pauly, D. (1992)
      Type: Report
      This article provides a short descriptions of some ICLARM programs and projects that dealt with wetlands.