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    • An ECOPATH II model of the Lake Chad system 

      Palomares, M.L.D.; Horton, K.; Moreau, J. (1993)
      Type: Book Chapter
      The trophic ecosystem modelling software, ECOPATH II, was used to analyze the Lake Chad system, Africa, during its "normal" phase, the period between 1969 and 1972. Reasonable estimates of population-related parameters for ...
    • Atlas demographique des populations de poissons d'eau douce d'Afrique 

      Moreau, J.; Palomares, M.L.D.; Torres, F.S.B., Jr.; Pauly, D. (1995)
      Type: Report
      Growth and catch curves plus recruitment and selection patterns of 57 stocks and 47 species of African freshwater fishes are presented. The atlas also includes mortality estimates, information on food and feeding habits, ...
    • User's manual for the fish population dynamics plug-in module for HPC41CV calculators 

      Palomares, M.L.D.; Pauly, D. (1987)
      Type: Manual
      The mode of operation and contents of a custom-made plug-in memory device for Hewlett-Packard HP41CV calculators (or HP41C with Quad Memory Module) are briefly presented. The module contains 15 of the 30 programs for fish ...