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  • Spatial and Temporal Variation of Length-Weight Parameters and Condition Factors of Commercial Fish Species in Lake Nasser, Egypt 

    Walid, E.; El Far, A.; Karisa, H.C.; Nasr-Allah, A.M.; AbouelFadl, K.Y.; Harrison Charo Karisa: 0000-0001-5323-794X; Ahmed Mohamed Nasr-Allah: 0000-0001-6299-8556 (2019)
    Type: Conference Paper
    Length and weight data of fish populations are necessary in stock assessment models and ecosystem modelling. Also, they could be used to spatially compare between different fish populations under different environmental ...
  • Efficacy and safety of boric acid as a preventive treatment against Saprolegnia infection in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) 

    Ali, S.E.; Gamil, A.A.; Skaar, I.; Evensen, Ø.; Karisa, H.C.; Shimaa El Sayed Mohamed Ali: 0000-0002-0227-8124; Harrison Charo Karisa: 0000-0001-5323-794X (2019)
    Type: Journal Article
    Saprolegniosis is a worldwide fungal-like infection affecting freshwater fishes and their eggs. Reports show high mortalities and subsequent economic losses annually from Saprolegnia infections. Most therapeutants against ...
  • Indonesian aquaculture futures — identifying interventions for reducing environmental impacts 

    Henriksson, P.J.G.; Banks, L.K.; Suri, S.K.; Pratiwi, T.Y.; Fatan, N.A.; Troell, M.; Patrik John Gustav Henriksson: 0000-0002-3439-623X; Sharon Suri: 0000-0003-3064-7991 (2019)
    Type: Journal Article
    Indonesia is the world's second largest producer and third largest consumer of seafood. Fish is thus essential to the nation, both financially and nutritionally. Overfishing and the effects of climate change will, however, ...
  • Rapid genomic detection of aquaculture pathogens 

    WorldFish; Jerome Delamare-Deboutteville: 0000-0003-4169-2456 (2019)
    Type: Poster
    Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing food sector increasingly and is recognized for its potential to alleviate poverty and hunger in small-scale systems. However, progress is limited by diseases and lack of knowledge ...
  • Inclusive environmental performance through ‘beyond-farm’ aquaculture governance 

    Bush, S.R.; Oosterveer, P.; Bottema, M.; Meuwissen, M.; de Mey, Y.; Chamsai, S.; Lien, H.H.; Mohan, C.V.; Vishnumurthy Mohan Chadag: 0000-0002-2574-284X (2019)
    Type: Journal Article
    This paper examines the potential for improved environmental performance of smallholder aquaculture production through ‘beyond-farm’ governance. Smallholder aquaculture farmers face a range of systemic environmental risks ...
  • Potential risk factors associated with tilapia mortality in Egypt 

    Ali, S.E.; Jensen, M.; Delamare-Deboutteville, J.; Karisa, H.C.; Chadag, V.; Shimaa El Sayed Mohamed Ali: 0000-0002-0227-8124; Jerome Delamare-Deboutteville: 0000-0003-4169-2456; Harrison Charo Karisa: 0000-0001-5323-794X; Vishnumurthy Mohan Chadag: 0000-0002-2574-284X (2019)
    Type: Conference Paper
    The objective of this study was to identify potential risk factors associated with tilapia mortality in the largest producer governorates in order to conclude strategies for their control.
  • Genetic diversity of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) throughout West Africa 

    Curtis, L.; Agyakwah, S.K.; Attipoe, F.Y.; Nugent, C.; Crooijmans, R.P.; Toguyeni, A. (2019)
    Type: Journal Article
    Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) is a globally significant aquaculture species rapidly gaining status as a farmed commodity. In West Africa, wild Nile tilapia genetic resources are abundant yet knowledge of fine-scale ...
  • Tilapia lake virus: putting a global resource at risk 

    Chadag, V.; Delamare-Deboutteville, J.; Vishnumurthy Mohan Chadag: 0000-0002-2574-284X; Jerome Delamare-Deboutteville: 0000-0003-4169-2456 (2019)
    Type: Other (Infographic)
    Tilapia lake virus is a newly emerging virus that is associated with significant mortalities in farmed tilapia. With cases reported across Africa, Asia and South America, the virus represents a huge risk to the global ...
  • Efficacy of prophylactic health products on shrimp (Penaeus Monodon) post larvae nursing in tanks 

    Rahman, M.M.; Ali, H.; Jaman, A.; Eltholth, M.; Murray, F.; Muhammad Meezanur Rahman: 0000-0002-7305-8292 (2019)
    Type: Conference Paper
    The objectives of the study were to assess the efficacy of commercial PHPs on specific pathogen free (SPF) shrimp (Penaeus monodon) post larvae nursing in tanks.
  • Risk factors and opportunities of intensive shrimp (Penaeus Monodon) production in Bangladesh 

    Rahman, M.M.; Jaman, A.; Eltholth, M.; Murray, F.; Ali, H.; Muhammad Meezanur Rahman: 0000-0002-7305-8292 (2019)
    Type: Conference Paper
    Shrimp aquaculture play an important role in Bangladesh economy. It provides livelihood of several hundred thousand small-scale shrimp farmers and about half a billion United States dollars export revenue each year. The ...
  • Nutritious Pond Newsletter #9 

    Joffre, O.M.; Olivier M. Joffre: 0000-0002-7857-5766 (2019)
    Type: Newsletter
    Latest update on the the Nutritious Pond Project is presented. The project objective is to design a ‘nutritious-system’ pond concept that exploits the potential of the pond ecosystem to mineralize wastes and produce natural ...
  • Aquaculture Nutrition: Challenges & Beyond 

    Yossa, R.; Rodrigue Yossa: 0000-0003-4792-0173 (2019)
    Type: Presentation
    A Presentation on challenges of aquaculture nutrition given on 31 Auguest 2019, in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Rethinking irrigation modernisation: realising multiple objectives through the integration of fisheries 

    McCartney, M.; Whiting, L.; Makin, I.; Lankford, B.; Ringler, C. (2019)
    Type: Journal Article
    Irrigation has been, and will remain, instrumental in addressing water security (Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6), food insecurity (SDG 2) and poverty (SDG 1) goals. However, the global context in which irrigation ...
  • Aquaculture in action: reducing the need for feed 

    Layzell, C.; Joffre, O.M.; Verdegem, M.; Olivier M. Joffre: 0000-0002-7857-5766 (2019)
    Type: News Item/Press Item
    A novel aquaculture feeding concept is exploiting the pond ecosystem to encourage farmed fish and shrimp to ingest naturally occurring food alongside feed – a system that has the potential to reduce both production costs ...
  • Experimental infection reveals transmission of tilapia lake virus (TiLV) from tilapia broodstock to their reproductive organs and fertilized eggs 

    Dong, H.T.; Senapin, S.; Gangnonngiw, W.; Nguyen, V.V.; Rodkhum, C.; Debnath, P.P.; Delamare-Deboutteville, J.; Mohan, C.V; Vishnumurthy Mohan Chadag: 0000-0002-2574-284X; Jerome Delamare-Deboutteville: 0000-0003-4169-2456 (2019)
    Type: Journal Article
    Early developmental stages of tilapia, including fertilized eggs were tested positive for TiLV in a previous study. We, therefore, hypothesized that infected broodstock is able to pass the virus to their reproductive organs ...
  • Tilapia: The plain truth (Khmer version) 

    WorldFish (2019)
    Type: Other (Infographic)
    This infographic is an overview of tilapia as a nutritious inexpensive and environmentally friendly food.
  • Fish trait preferences: a review of existing knowledge and implications for breeding programmes 

    Mehar, M.; Mekkawy, W.; McDougall, C.; Benzie, J.A.H.; Mamta Mehar: 0000-0003-4174-7891 (2019)
    Type: Journal Article
    Continued growth of the aquaculture sector will rely on the availability of fish with traits that respond to the needs and preferences of these users along the value chain. Such trait responsiveness requires that fish ...
  • WorldFish in India 

    WorldFish (2019)
    Type: Poster
    India is a scaling country for WorldFish and the CGIAR Research Program on FISH. This growing program assists the government and private sector to scale various fisheries and aquaculture technologies in India.
  • CGIAR Research Program on Fish Agri-Food Systems (FISH) 

    CGIAR Research Program on Fish Agri-Food Systems (2019)
    Type: Other-Factsheet
    A fish agri-food system is an interconnected and interdependent system involving components of fish production through to processing, marketing and consumption. The CGIAR Research Program on Fish Agri-Food Systems (FISH) ...
  • Tilapia major clinical signs (Khmer version) 

    WorldFish (2019)
    Type: Poster
    The purpose of this poster is to enhance the capacity of hatcheries, nurseries, grow-out farmers and extension service providers to recognize and report tilapia diseases. Prevention, early recognition, diagnosis and rapid ...

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