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  • Strong Women, Strong Nation 

    Dos Reis Lopes, J.; Duarte, A.; Tilley, A.; Alexander Tilley: 0000-0002-6363-0945 (2020)
    Type: Journal Article
    Innovative research in the Southeast Asian island nation of Timor-Leste has obtained data to help close the gender gap and provide food security for the local community.
  • OAK_ Building capacity, coordination and communication for collective action on small scale fisheries. Progress Report: August 2019 - July 2020 

    Cohen, P.J.; Bevitt, K.; Patel, A.E.; Philippa Jane Cohen: 0000-0002-9987-1943
    Type: Donor Report
    Second year report for the project, running from August 2019 - 2020.
  • Lessons from the Pacific about balancing community and environmental needs 

    Lau, J.; Cinner, J.; Barnes, M.; Jacqueline Lau: 0000-0002-0403-8423 (2020)
    Type: Blog
    Blog entry for the journal on the CoralCOE website: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. ‘Sixteen years of social and ecological dynamics reveal challenges and opportunities for adaptive management in sustaining ...
  • Fish traders and processors network: Enhancing trade and market access for small-scale fisheries in the West Central Gulf of Guinea 

    Ayilu, R.K.; Appiah, S. (2020)
    Type: Working Paper
    From 2014 to 2018, the Fish Trade Project (a joint project of the WorldFish Center, the African Union Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources, and the New Partnership for Africa’s Development) implemented trade and ...
  • A new angle on coastal fisheries development in the Pacific 

    Eriksson, H.; Hampus Eriksson: 0000-0003-1199-6889 (2020)
    Type: Brief
    This policy brief provides guiding principles for how Governments can enable innovation and support community-based approaches to development in the coastal fisheries sector in the Pacific.
  • Follow the fish 

    Gomese, C.; Ride, A.; Eriksson, H.; Hampus Eriksson: 0000-0003-1199-6889 (2020)
    Type: Brief
    This brief summarises national statistics about how prevalent women are in production and distribution of aquatic foods in Solomon Islands and emphasises the importance of women's increased participation in decision making.
  • What WorldFish does in Malaita Province 

    Ride, A. (2020)
    Type: Brochure
    Malaita is known as the most populous province of the Solomon Islands, with high outputs of agricultural produce from its land and significant populations of ‘sea people’ highly reliant on coastal ecosystems for food and ...
  • Community Based Resource Management in Malaita Province 

    Eriksson, H.; Sukulu, M.; Ride, A.; Jasper, M.; Hampus Eriksson: 0000-0003-1199-6889 (2020)
    Type: Other (Factsheet)
    This factsheet includes a map that indicates activities undertaken by World Fish and the Malaita Provincial Fisheries Office to support community-based resource management of local marine resources and the current status ...
  • FAD Deployment in Malaita 

    Sukulu, M.; Jasper, M. (2020)
    Type: Other (Factsheet)
    This map indicates all FADs that have been deployed in Malaita from 2012 to 2020 and their current state as active or otherwise.
  • Fish Diversity in the Andharmanik River Sanctuary in Bangladesh 

    Mohammad Ali, M.; Ali, M.; Rahman, M.J.; Wahab, M.A.; Mohammad Jalilur Rahman: 0000-0003-4090-7339 (2020)
    Type: Journal Article
    Loss of fish biodiversity, especially in the inland and coastal areas, is a major concern in sustainable fish production. Indiscriminate fish catch, climate change and many other anthropogenic activities synergistically ...
  • Value chain impact of the increased hilsa shad (Tenualosa ilisha) harvest in Bangladesh 

    Khan, M.A.; Abdul, W.M.; Haque, A.M.; Nahiduzzaman, M.; Phillips, M.J.; A.B.M. Mahfuzul Haque: 0000-0002-5334-5630; Michael John Phillips: 0000-0002-0282-0286 (2020)
    Type: Journal Article
    Hilsa shad is the largest single fish species, contributing 12% of the total fish production in Bangladesh. Since the rapid decline of its harvest in early 2000, the government of Bangladesh took various initiatives to ...
  • Fisheries 

    Wahab, M.A.; Rahman, M.J.; Mohammad Jalilur Rahman: 0000-0003-4090-7339 (2020)
    Type: Book Chapter
    The Bay of Bengal and adjoining Andaman Sea comprise a massive maritime area covering nearly 3 million square kilometers, a space larger than the land area of India. This “Greater Bay of Bengal” region is also immense and ...
  • Assam fisheries fact sheet 

    Rajendran, S.; Chadag, V.; Vishnumurthy Mohan Chadag: 0000-0002-2574-284X (2020)
    Type: Poster
    Information on the Fisheries Resources of the Indian state of Assam
  • Odisha Fisheries Fact Sheet 2019 

    Panemangalore, A.P.; Chadag, V.; Arun Padiyar Panemangalore: 0000-0002-5271-8642; Vishnumurthy Mohan Chadag: 0000-0002-2574-284X (2020)
    Type: Poster
    This poster depicts the various Fisheries Resource available in the Indian state of Odisha
  • Illuminating Hidden Harvests Q&As 

    Mills, D.J.; Bevitt, K.; Franz, N.; Basurto, X.; David Jonathan Mills: 0000-0003-0181-843X (2020)
    Type: Other (Q&As)
    This Q&A document contains responses to the 45 questions asked by participants during the Illuminating Hidden Harvests webinar held on 17 July 2020 as part of the Virtual Dialogues on the Path to the 34th Session of the ...
  • Illuminating gender dimensions of hidden harvests 

    Harper, S.; Kleiber, D.L. (2019)
    Type: Newsletter
    Since 2012, gender and fisheries papers and presentations often start with a statement that 47 percent of fishworkers worldwide are women. This estimate challenges assumptions of fisheries as a male-dominated sphere, ...
  • Hearing, counting and empowering women: GAF7 conference showcases gender equality progress and challenges 

    Bevitt, K. (2018)
    Type: Blog
    Blogpost about some of the key topics and outcomes from the Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries conference
  • Illuminating hidden harvests: The contribution of small-scale fisheries to sustainable development 

    Mills, D.J.; Franz, N.; David Jonathan Mills: 0000-0003-0181-843X (2020)
    Type: Presentation
    Small-scale fisheries (SSF) employ over 90 percent of fishers and fish workers worldwide and, among these, 96 percent live in developing countries where they produce almost as much fish for direct domestic consumption as ...
  • Contribution of inland fisheries to diet and growth of children in sub-Saharan Africa: A food systems approach 

    Byrd, K.A.; Kendra A Byrd: 0000-0003-4528-752X (2020)
    Type: Presentation
    This presentation highlights some of the preliminary findings from the Illuminating Hidden Harvests study, relating to the contribution of inland fisheries to diet and growth of children in sub-Saharan Africa using a food ...
  • Illuminating Hidden Harvests: the contribution of small-scale fisheries to sustainable development 

    Bevitt, K.; Franz, N.
    Type: Other (Report chapter)
    The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture (SOFIA) is the flagship publication of the FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department. This premier advocacy document is published every two years to provide policy-makers, civil ...

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