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dc.creatorWebster, F.J.
dc.creatorCohen, P.J.
dc.creatorMalimali, S.
dc.creatorTautai, M.
dc.creatorVidler, K.
dc.creatorMailau, S.
dc.creatorVaipuna, L.
dc.creatorFatongiatau, V.
dc.identifier.citationFisheries Research, 186: 168-176
dc.description.abstractCommunity based and co-management approaches are increasingly used strategies for marine conservation and sustainable management in the tropical Pacific. However, our understanding of the effectiveness of co-management on marine resources and socio economic conditions is relatively limited, often due to insufficient resources to support monitoring based on ecological condition or catch landings data. Monitoring programmes based on the perceptions of resource users are often presented as a cost effective alternative to understanding the status and changes in resource and socio economic conditions. Ecological, catch landings and perception-based data, and their collection methods, have different benefits and limitations for community-based programmes. Here we present a study of the first community-based, co-managed area in the Kingdom of Tonga - the small island of 'O'ua. We examine both perception-based data from interviews and catch landings data to describe fishing activities, catches and changes in resource status and socio economic conditions since the inception of co-management. Landings data were collected by the community over a five year period; perceptions of change and management performance were collected through structured interviews with fishers based on the same time period.
dc.titleDetecting fisheries trends in a co-managed area in the Kingdom of Tonga
dc.typeJournal Article
dcterms.bibliographicCitationWebster, F.J. et al. (2017). Detecting fisheries trends in a co-managed area in the Kingdom of Tonga. Fisheries Research, 186: 168-176
dc.description.versionPeer Review
cg.contributor.affiliationWestern Australian Fisheries and Marine Research Laboratories, 39 Northside Drive, Hillarys, 6015, P.O. Box 20, North Beach, WA 6920, Australia
cg.contributor.affiliationMinistry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Tongatapu, Tonga
cg.contributor.affiliationARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland, Australia
cg.contributor.affiliationRipple Effect Capacity Building, P.O. Box 239, Silkwood, 4856, Australia
cg.identifier.statusLimited access
cg.identifier.ISIindexedISI indexed
cg.contribution.worldfishauthorCohen, P.J.
cg.description.themeResilient small-scale fisheries
cg.creator.idPhilippa Cohen: 0000-0002-9987-1943

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